With the overabundance of mindless television shows out there, we here at Arcade Sushi are grateful for the shows that have exceeded far and beyond into the realms of greatness. What these TV series have in common is that they left us with a yearning for more. We would like to further explore these stories in whatever way possible and feel that they would make excellent games. So stash the Blue Sky in the Winnebago, rev up your Harley, and bootleg the prohibition-era whiskey, because the team here at Arcade Sushi present 10 TV shows That Need Video Games.

Boardwalk Empire - HBO

Any game set during Prohibition is welcome, but Nucky Thompson's bootlegging ventures in America's favorite playground would make one helluva game.


Breaking Bad - AMC/Sony Pictures

A Breaking Bad game could work in so many ways (hint: Lego). If a Saul Goodman spinoff series doesn't happen, we'd at least want to see him in a game. Think of Phoenix Wright, but only crooked and sleazy. "When the going gets tough, you don't want a criminal lawyer, you want a criminal lawyer."


Doctor Who - BBC

Time Lords, the TARDIS, and a Sonic Screwdriver -- need we say more?


The X-Files - 20th Century Fox

With the success of Heavy Rain and Telltale's Walking Dead adventure game, we feel that another story with Mulder and Scully would work well. If it was designed à la Heavy Rain, they might finally be able to get rid of a decade's worth of sexual tension.


The Wire - HBO

One of the greatest television series of all time, we feel that a video game could explore yet another facet of Baltimore's criminal underworld. "It's all in the game, yo."


Heroes - NBC

We need a game starring Hiro. If the game got boring, he could always jump to a different time, unlike 75% of the entire Assassin's Creed series.


Firefly - 20th Century Fox

The subtext of the series hints that Shepherd Book's origin story would be highly appropriate for a videogame; so could Jayne's, the entire Unification War, and many other aspects of Whedon's shiny classic. Secret weapon: Vera UPDATE: Success! it's coming!


Sons of Anarchy - Sutter Ink/FX

GTA 4's The Lost and the Damned proves that Kurt Sutter's biker gang-remake of Hamlet would make an excellent game. We would like to play as the previous generation of the club, such as John Teller and Clay, leading up to the events of season one.


Supernatural - The WB/CW

Recently given the green light for its 10th season, a game featuring the demon-exorcising escapades of the Winchester brothers is in high demand by the fans of the series. Non timebo mala!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Disney/ABC

We can imagine Marvel breaking out the big guns for this game. Playing as Agent Coulson, superhero cameos, locking away super villains, hearing Samuel L. Jackson bark orders, firing reverse-engineered alien weaponry, and flying the helicarrier all seem like potentially-fun aspects to a S.H.I.E.L.D. game. The series isn't even out yet and we've already got our game playing fingers crossed.

What television show do you think would make a great video game? Let us know in the comments below.