We counted down the 10 Best Fighting Game Good Guys, so now let’s flip things around with the 10 Best Fighting Game Bad Guys. These are the baddest of the bad; the characters that were kept locked only to privileged gamers who knew secret codes. These characters were unfair, unbalanced, and they just plain made you feel bad about yourself. These are the 10 Best Fighting Game Bad Guys.

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    Street Fighter III: Third Strike

    Gill makes this list of 10 Best Fighting Game Bad Guys just because of how annoying he was. You get up to the end boss. You battle past his cheap moves and supers. You struggle past an A.I. that is nearly psychic and what do you get? RESURRECTION!? You mean I have to beat this guy all over again… and he has a nearly full screen instant death super? What the heck!

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    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

    I-No was another overpowered boss that made Guilty Gear fans grit their teeth down to nubs. As a normal character in the game, she was just a decent agro archetype with a diagonal dash. As a boss, she had access to attacks that came straight from a bullet hell game. She also gets points for attacking with a guitar and wearing the Harry Potter sorting hat from hell.

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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Wesker may have been a Resident Evil villain before he became a major bad guy in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but it was in fighting games that he became feared. His strong move-set, incredible power boost in X-Factor, useful assist, and overall viability makes him one of the most powerful and famous bad guys in the pro fighting game scene right now.

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    B.B. Hood


    B.B. Hood may not look like a bad guy, but she is as bad as they come. Beneath that happy exterior lies a murderer the likes of which you have never seen. Her picnic basket has bombs, knives, and guns in it. She packs high explosives under her skirt. She can even call a crew of soldiers to fire assault rifles at the enemy. Her occupation is demon hunter, which might make you think that she is one of the good guys, but she isn’t hunting them for any moral reason. She just likes to hear them squeal.

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    Soul Calibur

    We already talked about how Seigfried was one of the best fighting game good guys of all time. It’s only natural that Nightmare is one of the 10 Best Fighting Game Bad Guys of all time. This animated blue armor has been terrorizing the Soul Calibur world for decades now. While Seigfried uses a flowing stance based fighting style, Nightmare is all about brutality. He will punch you in the gut and run you through with his sword without thinking twice about it.

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    Kazuya Mishima


    Kazuya is one of the only bad guys on this list who is actually a main character. He was the protagonist of Tekken 1 and back then he didn’t have much of a personality. Then he went about killing his father and son and then being killed and being resurrected from the dead and even getting possessed by a devil and liking it. That's a lot of stuff to handle for one dude. It was around this time we realized that Kazuya isn’t really a good guy, just the lesser of two evils, which is really saying something.

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    Shao Kahn

    Mortal Kombat

    Not only did the emperor Shao Kahn have a nearly unbeatable A.I., a huge amount of health, and severely overpowered moves. He also laughed at you! He was one of the only characters in Mortal Kombat with a taunt, and he was completely unplayable. The whole reason for his existence was to make the player feel bad about themselves, and it worked. This is one of the first examples of fighting game tauntrage.

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    The Joker

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    When originally making this list, The Joker was nowhere to be seen. Then injustice: Gods Among Us came out and he skyrocketed to one of the top slots. Why? Well first of all, he is just powerful. Second of all, his style includes using a corpse as a puppet in his intro. But most importantly, he’s just The Joker. He’s foiled the efforts of some of the greatest superheroes with nothing more than his completely deranged mind.

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    Hazama from BlazBlue is an amazing bad guy because he is, essentially, an internet troll. He specifically tries to make everyone he fights upset through taunting, laughing, and generally preying on his opponent’s insecurities. Nothing can phase him, even death. He will cut you and he will make you feel bad about it. He will kick you in the face, just because he can. He will moonwalk over your corpse in his flashy Michael Jackson suit with additional shoulder buckles. He’s the living incarnation of the internet and he suuuucks.

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    Street Fighter

    And, as always, all things begin and end with Street Fighter. M. Bison didn’t get on this list. Seth didn’t get on this list. Balrog and Vega didn’t get on this list. Even Sagat, who is one of the most loved characters of all time, didn’t get on this list. No, the honor of top fighting game bad guy obviously goes to Akuma, the man who sold his soul for power. What power is that you may ask? The raging demon! The first level 3 super in Street Fighter history, and still one of the most badass supers in any fighting game ever. Akuma’s attacks are so powerful, the screen can’t show you what happens! Congrats Akuma! You're #1 on our list of the 10 Best Fighting Game Bad Guys.


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