Are you the type of guy who likes to kick-ass for justice? Then take a look at our list of the 10 Best Fighting Game Good Guys. These protagonists got on this list for multiple reasons. They may be shining paragons of morality. They may simply be too cool to keep off the list. Either way, these were the heroes that we loved to pick on day one whenever a new fighting game came out. Punch evil in the face with our list of the 10 Best Fighting Game Good Guys.

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    Super Smash Bros.

    Why not start our 10 Best Fighting Game Good Guys list off with one of the most iconic video game heroes of all time? Mario brings all of his tricks of the trade to the Smash Bros. series including his cape, fireballs, jump punches, and more. He’s also the closest thing to a protagonist that series has.

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    Soul Calibur

    Siegfried played dual roles as both hero and villain in the Soul Calibur series. Normally, he is a valiant knight fighting for good. However, when he becomes possessed by the Soul Edge, he becomes the dark knight Nightmare. Even after he managed to rid himself of the demonic sword, it continued to possess his former armor, allowing his darker persona to live on. Still, he's a pretty awesome good guy.

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    Morrigan also straddles the line between good and evil. On one side, she is a powerful demon who fights on behalf of all the Darkstalkers. On the other side, she is a succubus who essentially wants to seduce you and suck the life out of you. Sex sells, and with Morrigan you pay with your soul. Maybe that’s actually why we like her so much. Everyone loves a good girl with a bad streak.

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    Sol Badguy

    Guilty Gear

    Sol Badguy, despite his name, is a good guy. Actually, he kind of transcends the boundaries of good and evil with his sheer badassitude. Sol will headbutt you for kicks, light you on fire, and insta kill you by turning into a demon. He marked the beginning of the era where fighting game good guys stopped being powerful and righteous warriors and became street thugs with nothing to lose.

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    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Superman isn’t just a great fighting game good guy, he’s the original good guy… in any sort of media! He’s essentially the platonic ideal of good. He’s ultra-powerful but doesn’t abuse his power. He stands up for truth and justice against godly beings who want nothing more than to see humanity suffer. He’s also been completely broken and overpowered in every game he has been in, though I suppose that fits his character.

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    The King of Fighters

    Many King of Fighters fans are going to complain that I didn’t put Kyo on this list, but K’ is just so much cooler. He has all the power that Kyo has with silver hair, a great tan, and an awesome attitude. He has a super that hits the enemy so hard his sunglasses fall off, and then he catches them before continuing to beat up the opponent anyway. That alone earns him a spot on our list of 10 Best Fighting Game Good Guys.

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    Terry Bogard

    Fatal Fury

    I’m putting Terry Bogard on this list for more reasons than his hilarious English butchery. He just has an '80s flair that his hard to beat. His vest, jeans, and trucker hat all say, “Yeah, I’m awesome and I know it.” He’s not afraid to kick your ass wearing his street clothes. No ornate costumes here. Just a pair of sneakers, some gloves, and BUSTAAAAH WOUF!

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    Jin Kazama


    It’s kind of hard to find a good guy in the Tekken series. The main family line of Tekken has a habit of throwing their offspring into volcanoes when they are bored. Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima just keep killing each other, so Kazuya’s son, Jin, may be the only bit of moral fortitude this family has left. Then again, he is possessed by an evil demon spirit. No wonder the Mishima family never sends out family photos on Christmas.

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    Johnny Cage

    Mortal Kombat

    Johnny Cage has all you ever need to be a hero: an acting career, a bitchin pair of sunglasses, and a special attack that lets him punch the enemy in the nuts. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a giant four armed half dragon man. A swift punch to the groin will take out any man… or woman apparently. Keep nut punching for justice Johnny. You truly are an inspiration to us all.

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    Street Fighter

    Finally, the most iconic good guy in fighting game history is easily Ryu, from Street Fighter. Ryu is the man we always think of when it comes to fighting games. He basically created the Fireball, Uppercut, Multi-Hit move spread. Hes fought demons, crazed dictators, crime bosses, everyone in the Marvel universe including Galactus, and even himself. There is no problem that Ryu cannot solve with his fists, and that's why he's #1 on our list of the 10 Best Fighting Game Good Guys.


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