Since the next generation of console gaming is going to be in our hands by the end of the year, we here at Arcade Sushi would like to reflect on a few previous RPG series that we hold dear in hopes that we will see them resurrected, whether through an HD port, remake, or sequel. While some of these franchises seem to be extremely unlikely to happen due to publishing rights, combined with the splitting of many of the studios that made these games, there is still some hope that they might see the light of day. Watch out for burned down home villages within the first few hours of gameplay as we travel back in time to when RPGs were simple, effective, and unforgettable. Take a look at 10 RPG Franchises That Need to be Resurrected.

Xenogears - Squaresoft

Xenogears' developers may have parted ways from their former employers and became Monolith Soft (who eventually made the Xenosaga series and Xenoblade Chronicles), but that doesn't mean that we don't hope someone is willing to dish out the big bucks in order to create a true sequel to one of the most unforgettable RPG experiences ever.


The Wild Arms Series - Sony

Aside from Beyond the Beyond, the original Wild Arms was one of the first RPGs ever released on the PSX. With a new Playstation system on the way, could we see a new Wild Arms game to open the door for next gen RPGs?


The Suikoden Series - Konami

Most of us at Arcade Sushi feel that the first and second Suikoden games were the best of the bunch. The only way for Suikoden to live up to the potential found within its initial titles is by collecting a new 108 Stars of Destiny. We need more RPGs where party characters attack at the same time instead of waiting turn-by-turn.


Skies of Arcadia - Sega

An RPG with Sky-Pirates who aren't named Vaan. Need we say more?


Secret of Evermore - Squaresoft

One of the only instances where the big wigs at Square let their American developers work on their game led to a memorable adventure of a boy and his dog.


The SaGa Series - Squaresoft

SaGa Frontier was a sleeper cult-hit for the PSX generation. Given the proper tender loving care, a modern incarnation of the title could be great. Having a large, diverse cast that you individually play as until they form a cohesive group is a staple of old school RPGs that we wholeheartedly miss.  


The Parasite Eve Series - Square Enix

Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday reflects the futility of the habitual over-complication of the JRPG throughout the past decade and shows how laughable Square Enix's story writers have gotten with their plots. It's not that hard to make a great Parasite Eve game: give Aya Brea an array of guns, let her use her mitochondrial mutations as her unique form of magic, keep her in New York, and let things go to hell.


The Legend of Dragoon - Sony

The Legend of Dragoon's dominance at the top of the PSN a few years ago shows that there is a call for the Dragoon Spirit armors to return.


Chrono Trigger - Squaresoft

Chrono Cross was a good RPG but it wasn't as amazing as its predecessor.  We would like to see a true successor to one of the greatest RPGs ever made.


The Breath of Fire Series - Capcom

Breath of Fire 5: Dragon Quarter divided fans of the series. Nevertheless, many fans have been hoping for another team up between the dragon-morphing Ryu and winged Nina since their last appearance on the PS2.