Ever since we downloaded it this past fall, True Skate has had a permanent place on our iOS homepage. It's always good for a quick ollie fix or some in-depth ramp action. Naturally, we are pretty psyched to discover that it won't be long before we have some more content to grind our way through.

Since True Skate was released back in October, developer True Axis has been hard at work whipping up some new content for us to grind our way through -- a shiny new level! It will be an indoor skatepark that will be full of lots and lots of content. There will be ramps and halfpipes as far as the eye can see. And rails 'till Tuesday.

The new skatepark will hopefully be available sometime next month. As of right now, True Axis is looking at late February as a target date. The option to download the new level will be featured as an in-app purchase.

Check out some of the screenshots below: