There are a ton of video game reviewers on the Internet, but none quite like Jirard “Dragonrider” Khalil, best known as The Completionist, also known as Beardman, but most importantly The Guy with a Bunch of Names. I might have made that last one up. Every week, Jirard completes a random video game and creates a well-thought-out and sometimes lengthy review on said video game, along with the help of his friend Greg “Disembodied Voice” Wilmot, and a repertoire of fellow YouTubers. When I say “complete,” I’m talking every single collectible, secret level, trophy, achievement, bonus cutscene, alternate costumes--you name it. Jirard is not only a YouTube veteran, but also an original member of, home of PeanutButterGamer and Jontron. Below is a list of the Top 10 The Completionist Episodes, check it out. Queue theme music.

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    The format of the show is something that makes it stand out from a majority of other review shows on YouTube. The guys do a great job at creating a hybrid between a review and a walkthrough of sorts. By walkthrough I don’t mean the entire game, but more specifically the parts that Jirard struggled with when trying to complete a game. Portal is a good episode to start this list because it came out during YouTube Geek Week, a week that a lot of YouTubers were expecting new viewers, thus resulting in Jirard explaining precisely what the show is, and how it works, before the episode kicks off. This is a fine example of how most episodes of The Completionist tend to play out, so why start the list anywhere else?

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    Dark Souls

    Although I’ve heard tons of good things about Dark Souls (as I’m sure you have because the Internet never shuts up about it), I’ve never truly been interested in playing it. The Internet hadn’t really given me a good enough reason as to why I should play Dark Souls. Every time I heard anything about it, I got this unrelenting sense of extreme fanboyism, which turned me off from ever wanting to try it out. This episode of The Completionist had the opposite effect. Jirard does an excellent job at reviewing a very hardcore game in layman’s terms, in a way. He finds a fine middle ground to review this game from, resulting in a 40 minute video that is absolutely worth watching. Yes, it is considerably longer than most episodes of The Completionist, but every minute is well-spent.

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    Super Meat Boy

    Super Meat Boy is known for being one of the hardest games of the last generation. The creator of the game, Edmund McMillen, challenged Jirard to complete the game in just one week. To complete Super Meat Boy, Jirard had to not only finish all 200+ levels, but finish each one under a certain amount of time, and get every single collectible. The developer of the game issued a formal challenge (via Twitter) to complete the game, and The Completionist never turns down a challenge. Watch the video to find out if he completes the Super Meat Boy challenge. Spoilers: he does.

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    Luigi's Mansion

    Jirard and PeanutButterGamer team up for this episode of The Completionist, and take on the Nintendo Gamecube launch title Luigi’s Mansion. Being that this game is notoriously easy, the guys have no problem completing it, although Jirard does give a solid reason as to why it’s not worth completing. This particular episode, at the time of this writing, is the most viewed episode of The Completionist. PeanutButterGamer brings his own brand of humor to the table, and Greg is also on point. Oh, and keep an eye out for a short, hilarious cameo from “The Pizza-pletionist”, it's hard to miss.

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    You’ve heard of Pokemon, so I don’t really need to… wait, what? You don’t know anything about Pokemon? It’s a good thing I added this episode to the list then, now isn’t it? Jirard, Greg and their friend Alex are here to tell you all about Pokemon, more specifically the original 3 games, Red, Blue and Yellow. It wouldn’t make sense for Jirard to complete all three games, for they’re basically the same exact game with some slight, yet noticeable differences, so Greg takes on Blue and Alex takes on Yellow, leaving Red to Jirard. To complete the games, they have to finish the story, defeat the “Elite Four” to become the Pokemon Champion, and collect all 151 Pokemon. Did they all three pull it off? Find out for yourself.

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    Conker's Bad Fur Day

    Remember in the Dark Souls episode when Jirard got trapped in a ‘Tron’-like world by his demonic Xbox 360, and the only path to freedom was by completing Dark Souls? Well, that happened, whether you watched that episode from earlier in the list or not. This time around, Greg is trapped in ‘Tron,’ and it’s up to Jirard to save him from being stuck there for eternity. Jirard has to complete Conker’s Bad Fur Day, one of the two M-rated titles developed by Rare for the N64 (the other being Perfect Dark) to save Greg from “Eterni-Tron,” which is a term I just made up and probably only works in this situation. This episode marked the two-year anniversary of The Completionist, which was commemorated with not only this episode, but a sweet new design overhaul created by Satchell Drakes, who also did the voice-over for the introduction to the episode.

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    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

    The Sega Dreamcast lived an unfortunately short life. While it had a handful of memorable titles, the most memorable of those has to have been Sonic Adventure 2. Sequel to the hit Sonic Adventure (obviously), the game has been ported to a number of different since its release. The first of these ports was for the Nintendo Gamecube, in which a new multiplayer mode was added, and the game was redubbed Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Every port of the game thereafter was of this Battle remake. For this review, Jirard plays the PS3 port of the Dreamcast (or Gamecube, technically) classic. There’s a couple of musical numbers in this one, just a heads up. Watch it below.

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    Red Dead Redemption

    Greg actually completes a game (for once) in this episode of The Mediocre-ist. No, that’s not me knocking on the show, that’s actually what Greg refers to himself as whenever he’s the one playing the game for the week. Red Dead Redemption is an incredible game, and Greg does the game justice, by not only completing it, but also by doing a great job review a very large and lengthy game. He incorporates his personal feelings and experiences to create a relatable review. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I like this game so much, maybe it’s because I want to be a cowboy, or maybe it’s because it shows a side of Greg that had yet be seen; regardless, this episode deserves a spot among the Top 10.

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    Breaking Bad

    Greg got married and gave his Netflix password to Jirard, so this time around The Completionist completes the hit new video game that all the kids are talking about: ‘Breaking Bad.’ Yes, ‘Breaking Bad.’ This episode came out around the time that everyone was certain the world was going to end, so maybe that has something to this one being so out-of-left field. Having played this game from start to finish, I totally agree with everything Jirard says in his review of this video game, which is absolutely not a TV show. ‘Breaking Bad’ is one of the most immersive games I have ever played, and I’m so glad that Jirard did an episode on it. If you haven’t played the game yet, you’ll be okay to watch the episode, for he steers clear of pretty much all spoilers. Check out the episode below and play the game yourself, available on Netflix streaming today.

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    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was one of my personal favorite titles of 2013. It allowed for new experiences in a familiar landscape, blending nostalgia with a revamped mechanics that were different from previous installments of the Zelda franchise. Jirard talks about this in his review of the 3DS hit, as well as the things he felt were “make or break” about the game. While this show typically has an even balance between jokes/skits and the actual review, this episode is light on the jokes, which in this case is great. The review is what’s most important, and Jirard gets all of his points across, as he always does.

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