Austin Hargrave, better known as PeanutButterGamer, or PBG, is a YouTube video game “reviewer.” I use the term reviewer loosely, and in the sense that PBG himself would use it. What I mean by that is he doesn’t really review games, but instead does more of a scripted Let’s Play of games from his childhood, as well as notoriously bad games. PBG also does Top 10 lists, and has two original series, ‘The G-Files’ and ‘To Kill an Avatar.’ All of these and more can be found on his YouTube channel, as well as, a site that he co-founded alongside fellow YouTuber JonTron. So sit down, grab a sandwich and get ready to enjoy the Top 10 PeanutButterGamer Episodes.

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    Putt Putt Does Some Things AGAIN

    Maybe I like this episode so much due to the nostalgia brought on by memories of simpler times spent playing Putt-Putt, as well as other Humongous Entertainment games. Maybe I like this episode so much because it’s a good episode. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Well, not maybe; it totally is a little bit of both. This is a great example of what a majority of PBG’s videos are like. I have a weird soft spot for Putt-Putt. Don’t judge me. Check it out, maybe you’ll find it in your heart to love Putt-Putt like I do.

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    The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games #2

    This episode is part of my favorite PBG series known as “The G-FIles,” a series in which PBG “covers some of the weirdest and freakiest characters, events, side-quests, and secrets that video games have to offer.” That’s straight from the man himself, for there’s no other way to put it. Maybe it’s the ‘X-Files’-inspired intro that gets me pumped every time I watch an episode of “The G-Files.” This episode in particular is great due to the games in question being so bonkers, and PBG is on top of his game with his jokes and observations about each one of these weird arcade games.

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    Top 10 Scariest Enemies in Video Games!

    Possibly my favorite Top 10 that PBG has done. It’s a really varied, really funny list. The gags and bits throughout make this an episode worth checking out, without a doubt. Something that I like about PBG is he tends to give a good reason for everything he includes on his lists, and when he doesn’t give a “legitimate” reason for something, it’s simply for the sake of the joke. But don’t worry, that’s the point of the show: to make jokes. You should never really take much of what PBG says seriously, just know that most everything he does is for laughs (unless otherwise noted).

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    The Immortal - PBG Shorts!

    Due to the success of his gameplay channel, PBGGameplay, PBG decided to try something new. This brings us to his fourth type of video, “PBG Shorts!” It’s basically the same thing as a regular review, but shorter. There isn’t much different about it, other than its relative brevity. This video in particular is the first PBG Short, and it’s about “The Immortal,” a “balls to the wall difficult” NES game about a wizard who does things and dies a bunch. It’s interesting to see that PBG can get out his thoughts on a game in an even shorter time than before, and still manage to be entertaining at the same time.

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    Hey You, Pikachu!

    Ever heard of a little N64 title known as Hey You, Pikachu? Well if you haven’t, lucky you. It’s the one of the most “ballstastically boring” games made for the N64, if not the most “ballstastically boring” game ever. PBG is here to play it so we don’t have to, and boy howdy, am I glad that he played it. Not only do I never have to play it to find out if it was worth playing (which it totally wasn’t), but this video alone makes up for the game’s unfortunate existence. If you’re a fan of this game, sorry if I hurt your feelings, I guess. Watch the video, it’ll make it all better.

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    The G-Files: Wind Waker HACKING!

    One thing that you may have noticed already is how big of a Zelda fan PBG is. As a result of his fandom, every November, PBG makes a handful of Zelda centric videos, aptly dubbed “Zelda Month.” This video is one of the best Zelda Month videos, if not the best, and it’s also a great installment of PBG’s “The G-Files” series. This video is different from other “G-Files” videos for it’s not really about playing a weird game, but instead taking a totally normal game, and rendering it utterly broken. PBG plays Wind Waker, but uses a handful of very buggy hacks to tweak the game, resulting in what you can see below.

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    Top 10 Jerks in Video Games!

    Something that most people aren’t aware of is the amount of negative feedback that every content creator receives on a day-to-day basis. Literally everyday, comment sections across the internet are littered with the worst kind of people, saying the worst kind of things. People are jerks, plain and simple. This video takes some inspiration from the jerks of the internet in a weird, kinda-sorta-not-really way. PBG lists the Top 10 jerks in video games, and makes some jokes and decent points along the way. After watching, you can easily understand why this is one of the Top 10 PeanutButterGamer Episodes.

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    Top 10 Most Annoying Things in Video Games!

    Although it’s an older video, this is one of the earliest videos that PBG started to find his groove. This Top 10 was the barebones archetype for pretty much every Top 10 that followed, and I like seeing where things got started. That might be just me, I realize that some people don’t care about “what was” or “how things were.” If you’re one of those people, good for you; keep being that person. I personally like to see progression in content creators, and this is a perfect opportunity to see that progression.

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    Link: The Faces of Evil

    Another Zelda Month favorite. This time around, PBG is taking on the notorious Philips CD-i title known as Link: The Faces of Evil. The Philips CD-i was a CD-ROM based console that went into production in 1991, and was considered an absolute commercial failure. The most interesting thing about the console is that Nintendo gave Philips the rights to produce both Mario and Zelda games for the console. Nothing good ever came from it, with the exception this episode of PBG, which is great. Unlike the game in which the episode is about, which is terrible. Check it out below.

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    Hatoful Boyfriend

    I don’t even know where to start with this one, so I guess I’ll just start. PBG plays a dating sim. A dating sim about pigeons. It’s a plain ol’ regular (boring) dating sim, except every character in the game is a pigeon. PBG has a field day with this one, and it almost makes it all right for the game to exist, although I still really wish this game didn’t exist. It’s just too weird for me to feel safe at night. How do I know I won’t be murdered via cleaver by my doctor, who is a pigeon? What am I even talking about anymore? Yeah, I think I’m done here. Watch the video; it’s great.

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