There are plenty of people on the Internet who yell into a camera about video games, but at the end of the day, there is only one JonTron. Jon Jafari, or “JonTron” as he is most commonly known, alongside his best friend Jacques (a cyborg bird), does game reviews, Top 10 lists and the occasional movie review. All of these things are not only available on his YouTube channel, but you can also find JonTron on, a site that he co-founded with fellow YouTube game reviewer PeanutButterGamer, which has recently been rebooted (clever). Jon’s been at it for years, and has only gotten better over time. As a tip of the hat to Jon’s work, we’ve curated some of the best JonTron episodes, ranging from older fan-favorites to more recent knock-out hits, as a primer for newcomers. Here then are the Top 10 JonTron Episodes.

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    This episode is one of the first videos where JonTron finds his groove. The persona of JonTron was crafted in these early episodes, setting the precedent for the format of most of the episodes that followed. It’s nice to see where the show came from, and to see where it is now. It’s been a long journey for Jon and Jacques, and going back to older videos such as this one after watching newer content really shows how much improvement has taken place. That’s not to say that early episodes weren’t entertaining and worth watching, but boy has the show come a long way. Things only get better from here on out.

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    Top 20 SNES Games

    Something that JonTron does best is Top 10 lists. These vary from Top 10 Video Game Commercials to Top 10 Nintendo Overworlds, and everything inbetween. JonTron always manages to balance humor with his legitimate feelings for why he decided to put something on his list. Since this is a list of Top 10 JonTron Episodes, I felt it best to include his 2-part video on the Top 20 SNES Games. Why did I decide to put a Top 20 video on a Top 10 list? Why does anybody decide to do anything? Why are you reading this? Why did I get up this morning? Why did Clint Eastwood talk to that empty chair at the Republican National Convention in 2012? Doesn’t matter. That’s not important. What’s really important is you watch the two-parter. It’s really solid. You can watch part one below. Part two is available on JonTron's YouTube channel.

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    DinoCity BRO!!!

    “DinoCity BRO!!!” is a fan-favorite if there ever was one. Quick tangent: I’ve never really understood the point in the phrase “fan-favorite”. It’s always seemed redundant to me. Fans of something tend to like all of the things pertaining to or created by said thing, correct? Is “fan-favorite” similar to “cult classic” in the sense that people use it because it sounds good when you say it? That’s totally what I just did. Anyway, back to the list. This episode is great. Jon plays an odd game based on a movie that probably no one has ever heard of, then sings Katy Perry’s “Firework” at the end of the video. Watch it below, and experience it (whatever “it” is) for yourself.

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    Apples and Grapes

    I decided to put this video on the list because it’s not a typical episode of JonTron. It’s not really a review, and it’s not a Top 10. The thing that makes this video part of the Top 10 list is the skit involving PeanutButterGamer (aka PBG) and Jon. It’s so intentionally awkward, and reminiscent of something that maybe Jared Hess or Tim & Eric might do. The bloopers at the end of the video give a bit of behind the scenes, which is not something that the audience gets to see very often. It’s nice to see some of the process that goes into making a JonTron skit. Also, the way Jon says “apples and grapes” gets me every time. Check it out.

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    Malkovich's Gaming Guilty Pleasures

    This video introduces us to an important character in the JonTron universe. His name is Malkovich. We do not learn much about Malkovich, other than the fact that he works in the entertainment industry, specializing in public access broadcasting. The year is 1997, and Ol’ Malko is here to give us some more information on this new-fangled N64 that everyone seems to be raving about. It soon becomes apparent that Malkovich doesn’t know all that much about the N64. Or public broadcasting. Or anything, for that matter. The draw in watching Malkovich is that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, by any stretch.

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    'Birdemic': The Best Worst Movie Ever

    Jon watches the best worst movie ever, 'Birdemic,' and it absolutely is the best worst movie ever. This is a great example of Jon being able to make a video that isn’t reviewing a game, and also isn’t just a comedy skit. He goes through most of the movie and riffs on it, and it deserves everything he throws at it. It’s almost like a one-man 'Mystery Science Theater 3000,' except you don’t have to sit through the entire movie, just the worst (best) parts. I guess it’s technically a one-man, one-bird 'MST3K.' Whatever, you get what I’m trying to say. Watch the darn thing already.

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    Malkovich's Gaming Game Show

    Here’s Malkovich again, and this time he’s moved on from informational public access show, to a brand new show called Malkovich’s Gaming Game Show. He’s even brought some friends. Well, sort of. He had them escorted in, they don’t know where they are. All they know is that they’re contestants on Malkovich’s Gaming Game Show. We’ve got contestant number “is going to die first,” and contestant N64. There’s a third guy as well, but he’s not important. Oh yeah, they’re hostages by the way. Egoraptor (another notable YouTuber) is dressed up as a woman. And there’s a laser gun battle and lizard people. No, seriously, check out the episode if you don’t believe me.

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    Hercules Games

    The triumphant return of JonTron. This episode comes after an eight-month dry-spell, and boy let me tell you, the Internet ‘bout pooped itself the day this one was uploaded. Jon intended for this episode to be the first episode of “JonTron: Season 2,” and it feels exactly like that. Everything is new and improved, and Jacques is even back from war. Because he went to war. Remember? You remember. The production value has vastly improved in this episode compared to “JonTron: Season One.” It’s quite a feat for someone to blow themselves out of the water, and that’s just what JonTron has done: he has defeated his past self at his own game.

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    Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

    Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is the most viewed episode of JonTron, and there’s a reason for that: it’s a good episode. I think another reason might be because the Internet has a weird obsession with all things Banjo Kazooie, but that’s just my speculation, don’t let that impede on your viewing of the episode. This is the episode I show people when I want to introduce them to JonTron, as it was my first episode of JonTron. One can learn a lot from this episode. Learn about Jon’s feeling towards Rareware. Learn about the history of Banjo Kazooie, and things that never came to fruition. Who knows, you might even learn a little bit about yourself, too. But I doubt it.

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    At the time of this writing, this is the most recent episode of JonTron, and it definitely deserves to be on the list. Jon watches a movie called 'Foodfight!,' the worst and most expensive animated movie ever made. It’s basically a movie about product placement, featuring Charlie Sheen and Wayne Brady. The products that are forced into the movie include the likes of Mrs. Butterworth and Mr. Clean. The writing, editing and camera work in this episode are fantastic, and a huge improvement from older episodes of the show, as I was saying earlier. There are even cameos from Paul Ritchey (of Continue? fame) and Brentalfloss.

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