So if you haven’t heard of a certain TV show on the Internet by the name of Continue?, then you are absolutely missing out. It’s a “Let’s Play” of sorts, but don’t call it a “Let’s Play.” Continue? consists of three rad dudes by the name of Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, and Josh Henderson, who every week play a random retro video game for about half an hour, and after playing decide whether they would continue playing or game over. Continue? are members of, a conglomerate of YouTubers who are at the top of their “Interneting” game, and have banded together to create a place to collaborate and thrive. You could listen to me ramble on and on about what makes the show so good or what makes it different from other TV shows on the internet, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense for you to just watch what I believe to be the Top 10 Continue? Show Episodes.

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    Saturday Night Slam Masters

    You might be thinking, “Okay so there’s that Nick guy, and that’s definitely a Paul like I was promised, and then there’s… Dom? Nobody said anything about any Dom in the introduction to this list of videos of a show I may or may not have watched before! What’s really going on here?!” To that I say stop getting all riled up about a show on the internet because remember, it’s just a show on the Internet. The show was created by Paul, Dom and Nick when they were all working together at a now defunct website. After the group stopped working at the website, they kept doing Continue?, this time with Josh instead of Dom. Dom was the Original Josh (aka “The OJ”), but moved to LA to become famous or something. This is the best Dom episode, not only because the game is fun to watch, but the guys are having so much fun playing it that you almost feel like you’re there playing it with them. Almost. After you watch the episode, rewatch the part with AWOL Paul and Greedy Moon Baron Dom because it’s so damn good/stupid.

    (If you’re looking for more of what Dom’s been up to, he has since started a podcast with Josh called Fantasy Fiction that is available on iTunes and YouTube, and is absolutely worth checking out. He also comes back every once in a while to guest star in an episode, and those are always great. Dom has also been a guest on the Continuecast, the twice monthly “video game book club” podcast, available on iTunes and YouTube.)

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    Rugrats: Search for Reptar

    Everybody has watched at least one episode of 'Rugrats.' Maybe you liked it, maybe you didn’t, but it doesn’t really matter because the guys are here to ruin 'Rugrats' for you forever. Don’t worry, this episode of Continue? (or ‘Tinue?, as it is sometimes referred to by Paul) is worth ruining part of your childhood for. Yeah, it absolutely is that good. The only thing that isn’t good about this episode is the fact that the game looks, sounds and plays like garbage. This shouldn’t bother or deter you from watching the episode though because you’re not here to watch the game, you’re here to watch Continue? play the game. The point of this show is not to watch someone play the game well, but to watch three funny dudes experience a game for the first time and make jokes along the way.

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    Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs

    The episode is off the rails, mainly due to the game being flatout bonkers. This is one of the only episodes of Continue? in which the guys will make a joke about the game, and then the thing that they made the joke about actually happens. You’ll know what I mean once you watch it. The episode starts out with “the most rambling and incoherent intro” ever, and gets even more ridiculous from there. Guns, girls, hot dogs, nets, lasers, crocodiles, dead drunkards, Swedish gangsters and even “Houdini men.” Oh, and did I mention Dirty Harry? Dirty. Friggin’. Harry. What doesn’t this episode have? Watch the episode and find out. Here’s a hint: Anthropomorphized pot leaves with Tommy guns. It doesn’t have those, unfortunately.

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    Baseball Simulator 1.000

    Relentless. Everything about this episode of ‘Tinue? is relentless. The game is wild, the guys are pumped, the editing is on point, which makes this an episode to remember. If baseball was even close to as good as this episode, I would start watching baseball. Eh, probably not. Not unless baseball was played in space. Spaceball. That has a nice ring to it. Somebody get on that. If I get rich off of the idea of spaceball, I’ll be sure to give Continue? some credit for the idea.  Spaceball… yeah… I’d watch that. Until spaceball is a thing, this episode is all we’ve got. Watch it, then think about spaceball.

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    Every November on Continue?, the guys play nothing but fantasy-themed games on each episode. Appropriately enough, the group deems November Fantasy Month. This game (and the episode as a direct result) is very random. There isn’t much explanation as to what the hell the objective of the game is, so the guys kinda do whatever, playing with reckless abandon, making up personalities and whatnot for the various weird characters and enemies throughout the episode. The result is a fantastic and memorable episode. You’ve got your laser dogs, you’ve got your Merlins, you’ve got your Quasimodo with small punches and you’ve got your Muscle Milk Dragon. There’s even a rad shirt that you can buy that’s featured on one of the character’s in the game.

    (If you were wondering, the same thing happens in April with sci-fi games, and it’s aptly named Sci-Fi Month.)

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    Total Recall

    I’ve decided to include Total Recall on this list of Top 10 Continue? Show Episodes not only because it’s a good episode, but it’s nice to see how far the show has come since this episode. The show has evolved over the past few years, and this episode best shows that growth. The game itself is wacky to say the least. It features “the best rendering of Arnold Schwarzenegger ever,” old time bombermen, something that I like to refer to as “The Dickit Fence” and Josh wears a cyan-colored Sea World shirt. How could this not be on the list?

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    Revolution X

    They play an on-rails shooter centered around Aerosmith. If that wasn’t enough to sell you on this episode, then keeping reading. Some of the best episodes come from the most dated games, and what game could be more dated than a PS1 port of an arcade game based on the Aerosmith Renaissance? There’s a lot to be learned from this episode, the most important of which is that Josh’s dad was actually the drummer for Aerosmith. Like for real, he totally was. Jean shorts and CDs! Weird bikinis! Down with the New Order Nation! Long live Aerosmith! Yay, 1995!

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    Boogerman (formerly known as S---man, but not really) is the grossest game ever played on the show. It results in one of the dumbest (best) episodes to date. Who doesn’t like a good fart joke? If you don’t like fart jokes, it’s surprising you made it this far in the list. What’s that? You don’t like fart jokes? Not even if the joke is a fart-themed rendition of “Whatever You Like” by T.I.? Okay, well… umm… maybe just watch the episode and see for yourself whether you’d like it or not. It’s also interesting to see what the guys are like on the cusp of insanity, and this game definitely gets them there.

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    Remember in the ‘90s when people came up with the idea of wearing shoes with wheels on them and grabbing loosely onto the back of moving vehicles moving at dangerous speeds in an attempt to entertain themselves? Remember when they decided to call it skitching? Well if you do, then this is the ‘Tinue? for you. The most extreme games warrant the most extreme episodes. What could be more radical than a game about kids having skitchin’ races on the freeways of Canada, the only country in the world that never left the ‘90s. Join Paul, Nick, Josh and “FukWax” in one of the most twisted Continue?s. Sick ‘sode, bro!

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    Captain Planet

    Sometimes, things in life don’t go as planned. You might think you’re about to experience one thing, and experience another thing instead. This episode is a great example of how those elements can play out in a web series about three guys playing video games. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but Nick Murphy legitimately thought he bought Gauntlet. I mean, it said Gauntlet on the cartridge, albeit it was written on it in Sharpie. Regardless, this episode is a testament to the guys’ ability to react and change plans on the fly. They do it well, even though Captain Planet sucks. Check it out.

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