With so many (and I mean MANY) video game reviewers on YouTube, it can be hard to find ones worth watching. You can sift through an endless amount of different channels trying to find one that consistently produces top-notch reviews and entertaining shorts, or you can just watch ProJared. Jared Knabenbauer, better known as ProJared, is a seasoned reviewer, and is very in touch with video game culture, having hosted a number of shows on the gaming site ScrewAttack in the past. Now Jared does his own thing, doing “ProReviews,” Top 10 Lists, various comedic skits and his One Minute Reviews. Jared is also a member of Normalboots.com, home of the likes of JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, Continue? and The Completionist. Jared has been making quality content for years, and he’s only gotten better. There’s no better time than now for a list of the Top 10 ProJared Episodes.

(Before you dive into said list, it should be mentioned that ProJared’s theme song is very catchy, and will get stuck in your head for eternity. You have been warned.)

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    Two Worlds

    I know I’m not the only one who has been extremely excited for a game’s release, only to be even more extremely let down by the game upon actually playing it. We’ve all been there, and ProJared is no exception. Two Worlds was a game hyped by many before it came out, with some websites even going so far as to call it the next Elder Scrolls. That totally didn’t happen. Instead of getting a new series to compete with The Elder Scrolls, we simply got a bad game. The best thing to come out of this terrible game is ProJared’s review of it. Jared was psyched to play Two Worlds when it came out, and then he played it, and it was bad. Watch Jared talk about how bad it is/was, and why you should not play it. Oh, and I should mention that this is the first episode of ProJared.

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    Pocky and Rocky

    ProJared teams up with fellow Normalboots-er (?) PeanutButterGamer in this review of the SNES shoot’em up, Pocky and Rocky. Jared and PBG have great chemistry and that’s what makes this episode one worth watching. It’s a nice balance between a ProJared review and an episode of PeanutButterGamer, which makes for an interesting and entertaining episode. Not very often does Jared get to review games that are primarily co-op based, and it’s a nice change of pace, allowing for some good back-and-forth between PBG and ProJared. Jared doesn’t do many collaborations on his own channel, making this episode that much more special. Check it out below.

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    One Minute Reviews

    One Minute Reviews are a bit of a staple for ProJared. The concept is pretty self-explanatory: Jared reviews a game in about 60 seconds. That’s all there is to it. He’s done almost 40 of them at the time of this writing, and this review of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a fine example of what most of his One Minute Reviews are like. If you’re someone who might like to hear his extended thoughts on a game, you’re in luck. Jared may also do an extended thoughts video on a game if he feels the game warrants the extra time, and if and when he does one of those videos, he always links it in the description or annotations of the One Minute Review.

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    How to Make Slender Not Scary

    He even does guides. Yeah, really. No, not really, but what are you gonna do about it? I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna watch this “guide” on how to make Slender, the (least) scariest game of all time, not scary. Be sure to take everything seriously because everything is important. That’s not even in reference to this video, that’s in reference to life. I’m just kidding, don’t listen to anything I say. I’m being facetious to prepare you for this episode of ProJared, in which everything Jared says is not to be taken seriously. But seriously, you should seriously watch this episode right now. I hate the word “seriously” now.

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    Wii U - The Chore Killer

    Not every ProJared video is a review or “guide” (I put that in quotes because I wouldn’t follow any of ProJared’s sarcastic instructions), as seen in this hilarious short. What makes this video charming is the fact that there is no dialogue, yet Jared and his friend Lauren are still entertaining. This bit is reminiscent of an old Looney Toons cartoon, or an episode of ‘Tom and Jerry.’ It showcases Jared’s ability to be funny in ways other than those in his reviews and “guides.”

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    Dark Souls 2 Review

    Some ProJared reviews aren’t focused on a retro game, or even a notoriously bad game that is being used for the sole purpose of making jokes about it. As you can see in this case, Jared is reviewing Dark Souls 2, a highly anticipated sequel to the much-loved Dark Souls. These types of reviews are more traditional than his “ProReviews,” in which Jared shares his thoughts on games that the audience might actually be interested in playing, rather than just watching the “review” to be entertained by how bad the game is.

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    ProJared doesn’t always review games, and in this episode he reviews the motion control peripheral for the Xbox 360 know as the Kinect. Everyone has heard of the Kinect, and to this day, I still don’t know anyone that would prefer to play with the Kinect over say, I don’t know, something with a physical controller? Whatever, who cares? Everything is dumb. I’m not going to lie, the main reason this episode made the list is because Jared plays Dance Central in it, and who wouldn’t want to see that. I can’t be alone on this one, watch it and then you’ll understand why that makes the episode.

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    Blackthorne is a cinematic platformer developed for the SNES and MS-DOS by Blizzard Entertainment (yeah, the World of Warcraft guys). Blackthorne was technically the first game developed by Blizzard, for they had just changed the name of the company from Chaos Studios (and before that they were known as Silicon & Synapse). In this episode, ProJared takes on the platformer, which stars one of the most badass 16-bit sprites that has ever graced a CRTV known as Kyle Blackthorne. He’s got a shotgun, a mullet, a leather jacket and that’s all you need to know. He’s also like a weird future-fantasy mercenary? I could be wrong, but hey, wouldn’t that be rad?

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    Animal Crossing New Leaf - Problem Solver

    If you’ve played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, then you’ll love this video. If you haven’t played it, then well, you’ll probably still enjoy it. ProJared was commissioned by Nintendo to make a video about his time as the mayor of his own town in ACNL, and with the help of his friends Lauren Moore and Corey Pettit of ScrewAttack, we get this “literal” take on what it’s like playing Animal Crossing for the 3DS. Much like the short previously mentioned in the list, Jared still manages to be funny without having any dialogue, save for his one line in the bit. Check it out for yourself below.

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    Top 10 Worst Games of 2012

    ProJared doesn’t do Top 10 lists very often, but when he does, they’re pretty good. Take this one for instance, it’s his list of the worst games of 2012, and it’s a solid list to say the least. He’s got two different Resident Evil titles on there, so I basically agree with everything Jared says in this video. I don’t care for Resident Evil. That’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it. What do you mean I’m not allowed to dislike the series; I’m totally allowed to not like Resident Evil. Why are we even arguing, this is getting ridiculous, just watch the video. Gosh. Make me feel all bad and stuff.

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