DidYouKnowGaming.com is the number one place to go for general trivia about video games. The site launched in the spring of 2012, and has been operated by its creator, Shane Gill, ever since. To compliment the website, a YouTube channel launched the following summer, in which a plethora of Internet personalities cover trivia and not-so-commonly known facts about various video games. Some of these narrators include JonTron, PeanutButterGamer and ProJared, all of whom are members of Normalboots.com, which is also where Did You Know Gaming? calls home.

DYKGaming? has garnered the attention of a handful of big news and gaming companies over the past year or so, such as Game Informer, Nerdist and Konami. Below, you’ll find a collection of the Top 10 Did You Know Gaming? Episodes. Check it out, I bet you’ll learn a thing or ten. By the way, Shane Gill is from the UK, so be prepared to see the word “Favorite” spelled as “Favourite.” It still ruins my whole day throws me off every time I see it.

  • 10

    Metroid Feat. WeeklyTubeShow

    Whether you like the Metroid series or not, there’s no denying its popularity. It’s been around as long as Mario and Zelda, and features what I consider to be the epitome of a kickass heroine, Samus Aran, as its lead character. Another equally awesome female protagonist is Ellen Ripley, from the Alien movie series, which the Metroid series shares a handful of interesting similarities. You can learn all about this and more from this solid episode of Did You Know Gaming? narrated by WeeklyTubeShow, known for the popular Dub of the North Star series and Dragon Ball Z dubs.

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    Banjo Kazooie Feat. JonTron

    Banjo Kazooie has a very cluttered history, mostly thanks to Microsoft buying out the developer Rare Ltd. in late 2002 and messing everything up. YouTuber and fellow Normalboots-er JonTron, who as you may or may not know is a huge fan of series, is here to take you through the convoluted life span of the Banjo Kazooie series [with the exception of one game (I’m looking at you, Nuts & Bolts)]. DYKG? does a great job of making sure the somewhat confusing story behind the series is super easy to understand, whilst showcasing a few in-game Easter eggs that reference to the early development of the game itself.

  • 8

    Metal Gear Solid Part 1 - Easter Egg Hunting

    DYKGaming? has done a handful of videos in which instead of focusing so much on trivia and facts, they cover all of the Easter eggs in a game, in a series aptly titled “Easter Egg Hunting.” In this particular episode, YouTuber Caddicarus goes over a bit of the Easter Eggs found in the first Metal Gear Solid. Even if you haven’t played Metal Gear Solid (I haven’t), you’ll still find this video interesting. Who knows, maybe this video will be the one that finally pushes you to actually getting around to playing MGS. There are so many Easter eggs in MGS, so if you enjoy this video, be sure to check out the rest of the series to see all of the secrets that DYKG? could find.

  • 7

    Mario Feat. Egoraptor

    What makes this episode great is that it’s all over the place as far as Mario trivia is concerned. It hits every era of the Mario franchise (with the exception of the Wii, which part two covers and is also worth checking out), covering neat development stuff that never came to be, as well as weird, and possibly sexual (?), Easter eggs in Super Mario RPG. The episode is narrated by Egoraptor, who is known for his days on Newgrounds as a voice actor and animator (Awesome series and Girlchan) and more recently for his Let’s Play channel Game Grumps. Being a voice actor and all, Ego does a great job talking about some of the weird things that you probably never knew about the Mario series.

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    Resident Evil Feat. ProJared

    ProJared is here to walk you through this #2SPOOKY Halloween special of Did You Know Gaming?. This episode in particular focuses on the mother of all survival-horror games, Resident Evil. While I still don’t find the series to be an enjoyable one, I can appreciate the history behind it, as well as the Easter eggs sprinkled throughout this episode of DYKG?. I might actually appreciate the series for what it is, to a certain extent, now that I know a little bit more about some of the development of the series as a whole. That’s a sure sign of a good episode.

  • 5

    Super Smash Bros Part 2 Feat. Yungtown

    The reason why I like this episode so much is not only because it’s a fantastic episode, full of interesting trivia on one of my all time favorite series, Super Smash Bros., but mainly because it confirms that Melee is better than Brawl. Everyone knows Melee is better than Brawl, and thanks to DYKG?, I now know that series creator Masahiro Sakurai feels Melee is the best game from the series. Which means everyone who thinks Brawl is better than Melee can suck it. Sorry if you are a fan of Brawl, my intentions are not to offend you, just to prove that you are wrong. If I hurt your feelings, watching the episode below will make up for it, but not really. Watch it anyways, regardless of your current emotional state.

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    Crash Bandicoot Feat. Caddicarus

    Crash Bandicoot was one of the most popular games of the original PlayStation generation. The series was created by developer Naughty Dog for Sony, in hopes of creating a mascot for the Playstation to compete with Mario and Sonic. Since Crash Bandicoot, Naughty Dog has gone on to make more “serious” titles, such as The Last of Us and the Uncharted series, which I’m sure you already knew. Maybe you didn’t know though, it’s a good thing I told you just in case. The Crash Bandicoot series was the foot in the door, if you will, that allowed Naughty Dog to get where they are now. This episode of DYKG? focuses on the history of Crash Bandicoot, with a few random snippets of quirky trivia thrown in. I learned some new things about one of my favorite childhood games, so watch the episode and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two as well.

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    F-Zero Feat. Smooth McGroove

    F-Zero is a rad series, that I feel doesn’t get enough love. This episode of DYKG? does the game justice. It’s a perfect balance between Easter eggs, development trivia and a bit of the history of the series. Smooth McGroove, who is known for his a capella video game covers on YouTube, narrates this episode, and he does a bang-up job. I never would have guessed that there were crossovers between the Star Fox series and the F-Zero series, but wouldn’t you know it, that’s totally been a thing in the past. Thanks to DYKG?, I know everything about everything ever.

  • 2

    Zelda Part 2 Feat. PBG

    While I could have put the first video of Zelda trivia on the list, I decided on using the second episode instead. I personally find the trivia presented in part two to be more interesting. I also like PeanutButterGamer’s narration more than the narration from the first part. (I’m the one making the list, I can do whatever I want. Get at me.) This episode presents trivia that ranges the entire life of the Zelda franchise, with interesting facts about religious controversy that has existed since the very first installment, including some racial controversy pertaining to Majora’s Mask. Yeah, really. Watch the dang video if you don’t believe me.

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    Nintendo Feat. Brutalmoose

    One of the few occasions that a DYKG? video doesn’t focus on a video game or even a series of games, but instead sets its sights on a console. In this case, the beloved Nintendo 64.

    An awesome look at the history of the Nintendo 64, ranging from the early development stages, to its later accessory-fueled missteps. I loved the N64 when I was a youngster, but all of the stuff brought up in this episode of DYKG? is all new to me, and I know I’m not the only one who didn’t know things like the fact that the N64 had online capabilities at one point. Check the video out for more about the history of the N64 and its weird set of failed accessories.

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