It might not be the return to the Pro Skater series we were hoping, but Tony Hawk's Shred Session is shaping up to be an excellent endless runner/skater.

Touch Arcade has provided an excellent preview of Tony Hawk's Shred Session that was hosted by the god of boarding himself, Tony Hawk. Based on what Mr. 900 has said, Shred Session is going to be a free-to-play endless runner. The game will be vertically-oriented, so you will be using one-handed swipe gestures and perfectly timed taps to ollie, grind and land. The game will offer five different levels and six famous skaters to play as, including Tony Hawk, Chris Cole, Aaron Homoki, Lizzie Armanto, David Gonzalez and Tony's prodigious son, Riley Hawk. Be prepared to collect coins and the letters of the word 'skate' scattered throughout each level as a form of currency to buy cosmetic items for your skater.

Ollie your way through the endless streets and grind over obstacles as Tony Hawk's Shred Session will be coming to iOS and Android devices this summer. You can check out a bit of gameplay in the video below.