For all you Titanfall fans out there, this pilot is going to be the perfect partner for ThreeZero's upcoming Stryder Titan.

ThreeZero's official Facebook page posted a teaser image for its Pilot figure that will come with the upcoming Stryder Titan from Titanfall. Like the Atlas Pilot, this figure will be 1/12 scale and stand roughly 6.5 inches tall. Mind you, the Stryder Titan is a bit lankier and much thinner compared to the other Titans, so we have a feeling the accompanying Titan figure will be quite tall and is going to look amazing next to the Atlas. This guy looks like he's down for a firefight and is ready for some wall-running action.

Unfortunately, ThreeZero has yet to hint towards any type of launch window or price range for the Stryder. For the sake of comparison, ThreeZero's Atlas Titan figure costs around $429.99 on Amazon and most other third-party retailers. So you better start saving up some of that holiday money if you're hoping to score the Stryder.


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