Asher Vollmer, of Threes fame, has released Royals, "an optimistic peasant simulator," which you can download for free on his website.

Sirvo LLC member Asher Vollmer has released Royals with a pay-what-you-want price tag attached to it. If you want to try it for free, you can, but if you're filling generous, you can tip him some dough. We suggest the latter, because Royals is pretty awesome and caters to our inner retro PC gaming fan. In the game, you must rise to fame and become ruler by various means. You've got to make sacrifices if you don't want to be a peasant all your life, and Royals is all about decision making, where plenty of times there isn't an officially "correct" thing to do next. Just remember that all of your actions have repercussions, even if you decide to head to the tavern and grab some drinks.

Vollmer has previously worked at The Odd Gentlemen, thatgamecompany and Broodworks, doing various kinds of level/mechanics design at these studios. Three years ago, he helped develop the award-winning Puzzlejuice, but he reached critical acclaim with his major contributions to Threes. Since its Feb. 2014 release, Threes has been ripped off, cloned and copied by numerous games, the most noteworthy being 2048, which became a viral hit. Unfortunately, there's still no word on whether or not Vollmer will be adapting Royals to mobile formats, but we'd like to see it happen.

You can download Royals now at Vollmer's official  website.

Asher Vollmer