Threes, the addictive and maddening game of combining multiples of threes has good news in terms of a platform expansion.

Hidden Variable posted on its Twitter today that not only was Threes going to be coming out for Xbox One, but that it would be coming out for Xbox One in a mere two days. There will be an increase in price, but the game will stay relatively inexpensive at $6.99.

The critically acclaimed mobile game combines simplistic design and ideas in a game that will leave you puzzled. It's a great way to pass time without having to use up your phone data. Now that it's coming to the Xbox One, you'll be able to bash your $60 controller on the ground if it gets to you instead of your $200 smartphone. The game is based on score so, while there aren't any levels to be had, you can constantly try to beat your, and your friends', high score.

Make sure to mark your calendars (and have some duct tape on hand) for this Friday, Dec. 5 when the game comes out for Xbox One.