The brilliant developer behind the puzzle game, Threes (which spawned the popular ripoff 2048), has announced that he's halting development on the RTS title, Close Castles. Surprisingly, he's putting his PlayStation 4 debut on the back burner so he can make another mobile game.

According to Eurogamer, Asher Vollmer has announced that he has put development on Close Castles on hold for the sake of working on a new mobile title. Close Castles, a real-time strategy game, was announced by Vollmer just two months ago. Vollmer was aiming for his PlayStation 4 debut with Close Castles. Unfortunately, the reasons for his decision to switch to a different project were a bit disheartening.

"Close Castles is currently on hold. I am working on a new mobile game now," said Vollmer, who claims he had "designed himself into a corner" and needs to "take a step back for a while."

Unfortunately, there is no word on what Vollmer's next mobile game will be or any kind of launch window for Close Castles now that he temporarily walked away from its development. Nevertheless, we're eager to see what this puzzle design prodigy has in store for us next.