The maker of Threes! is coming out with a new game in which you're living right next to your worst enemy, really exemplifying the phrase, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

In Sirvo's newest real-time strategy game, Close Castles, you will be fighting against your arch nemesis' castle to see who can destroy the other's castle first. For some reason, you thought that it was just about the greatest idea in the world to build your castle in what is essentially your enemy's front yard. "We plan to have an amazing, harrowing story that somehow justifies the fact that all these castles were built in such proximity," developer Asher Vollmer explains in his post on PlayStation Blog. Also working on the project is artist Dominique Ferland who gives the game it's super cute feel.

One of the unique things about this game is the average game time of three minutes. Although this is on the fastest game speed, it takes a step away from other such games that can take hours to tear down your opponent's castles.

If you're excited to play Close Castles, you can see a sneak peak at PlayStation Experience later this month or you can just wait to play it on PlayStation 4 among other consoles when it releases sometime in 2015.