ThreeA's Halo license is expanding, and this time, it's bringing in the big guns. Say hello to the one-sixth scale figure of Master Chief.

For the price of $240 you can have a Bambaland Exclusive Edition figure that stands at 13.5-inches tall, has over 35 points of articulation, has magnetically attached rifles, an illuminated helmet, and a highly detailed sculpt and paint application. Not to mention the weapon loadout which includes a Z-250 Light Rifle, an ARC-920 Railgun, an MA5D Assault Rifle, and an M11 Combat Knife.

You can find the lookbook for this figure on ThreeA's website that shows you just how much detail has gone into this figure--spoiler alert: it's astounding. The lookbook also details how to go about pre-ordering the figure and showcases a few of the positions the figure can be moved into. ThreeA invites you to follow its Production Blog for upcoming sales announcements as well as behind-the-scenes looks.

If you don't want to miss out on this exciting new figure from ThreeA, you should expect to be awake at 9AM Hong Kong time on Nov. 20 to snatch one up from the Bambaland website.