A comprehensive detailing of what each buyer offered for the THQ assets up for auction has been revealed.

According to Joystiq, the bids for THQ's studios and intellectual properties have been made public. The potential top earner would be Relic (as well as the Company of Heroes franchise), which Sega purchased for $26.6 million. Sega topped Zenimax's offer of $26.3 million for the studio.

Volition (and Saints Row), could be picked up by Koch Media (Deep Silver), for $22.3 million, which greatly surpassed the runner-up bidder Ubisoft's $5.4 million offer. Ubisoft may wrangle the THQ Montreal studio (as well as the 1666 and Underdog IPs), for $2.5 million, as nobody else placed a bid. Ubisoft was also uncontested in the bid for the license to South Park, for which they offered $3.265 million.

Take-Two may be snapping up the Evolve IP from Turtle Rock Studios for $10.894 million, which bested Turtle Rock's $250K offer for its own game. Koch Media also leads for the license to Metro (which includes 2033 and 2034), with its bid of $5.87 million, which Ubisoft also attempted to grab with a $5.175 million bid. Crytek's path to the Homefront license is unabated, and could go for $544K.

All of these offers must still be approved by a judge, and are not considered 100% final as of yet.

According to DD Investing, no bids were placed at all for Vigil Studios or its properties, such as Darksiders.