It seems like it was only last week that Telltale Games' season finale of The Walking Dead: The Game was released. Oh wait, it totally was last week. To make sure we don't go through zombie withdrawal, Skybound has released a new game that follows the comics more closely. Is it too soon for a new Walking Dead game? Nahhhh.

While we briefly enjoyed cameos of characters from the graphic novels, such as Glenn and Lilly, in Telltale's adventure, Lee Everett's story was an original and merely took place in the Walking Dead universe. Skybound's Assault, however, follows the story of the source material and sticks puts us in the action with Rick Grimes and his merry band of apocalypse survivors.

Assault features top-down strategy gameplay with 3D graphics reminiscent of the comic's art style. You'll be able to build your dream team of zombie killers by picking from fan favorites like Rick, Lori, Carl, Glenn, Shane, and the rest of the gang. Each character will have unique abilities that they can lend to the team effort and can be upgraded for better survivability. The game also gives players access to exclusive wallpapers, artwork, and trivia after they've completed certain requirements.

Zombie fanatics should jump on this game now, because it's being offered for a discounted launch price at $1.99 for a limited time. After the introductory period, Assault will go up to $2.99. Check out the screens below for a glimpse at the walker-wastin' fun in The Walking Dead: Assault.