Last month, Rovio hinted that a big update to Bad Piggies was on the horizon after they posted a teaser image to their Twitter account. Fast forward a month later and now we have that very update as of this morning. The Road Hogs are here!

The Bad Piggies update hit the App Store today and there's a ton of content packed inside. At the top of the heap are the 30 new "Flight in the Night" levels and the new "Road Hogs" time trial levels. And don't forget the new achievements!

Here's some details from the release notes:

In this massive update to IGN’s 2012 game of the year, the Bad Piggies are on the move, and they’ve managed to hang on to the eggs so far! Navigate through 30 new Flight in the Night Levels but don’t make too much noise, or you’ll wake up some seriously furious birds! Also make sure to check out the new “Road Hogs” time trials: can you beat the clock (and your friends) with your crazy contraption?

The amount of content in this new update effectively refreshes the game. So if you have yet to play it, there's no excuse to not try it out. And if you haven't picked it up in a while, it will be like you have a whole new game to play.

You can find the new Bad Piggies for both the iPhone and iPad in the App Store for $0.99.