Bad Piggies is the latest game from Rivio, the company who started the Angry Birds franchise, games that made a ton of money and put smiles on millions of gamers' faces worldwide. But it's a different game than Angry Birds, so will it be as openly accepted as the lovely, colorful birds were? If you're on the fence about downloading it, then these five reasons to love Bad Piggies should put your mind to rest.

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    Lots of Content!

    With 60 levels and 30 more available to unlock, you're going to be playing Bad Piggies for quite a while. There's even a super secret level that you can only access by collecting all of the hidden skulls in the game. You can also try and go for trophies by completing Game Center tasks. With the promise of future content, you're not going to run out of things to do in Bad Piggies anytime soon.

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    Every Level is Fun to Play

    Every level in Bad Piggies has three tasks for you to accomplish. You can just go for the goal line, but there are two other objectives to try and reach for as well. Get them all and you'll snag the coveted three stars. Oh, sure, you'll breeze by the levels at first, but when you realize you need more stars to unlock more content, you'll be jumping back into the levels you only got one star in, sooner, rather than later.

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    Trial and Error

    Trial and error can be frustrating but in Bad Piggies, it's the name of the game. Build what you think is the perfect contraption? Then hit the checkmark icon and let's see if you can pass the level. Sometimes all it takes is the addition of another prop or the removal of one to achieve your goal. Other times it's fun just to watch your bad piggie get his just desserts by crashing him into the ground.

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    Create Whatever You Like

    The further you go in the game, the bigger the vehicle you can build. In fact, the vehicles can get so big, that you can create the dumbest, most obnoxious vehicle you can think of. Who cares if it doesn't work? Build it and see what it can do! You might be surprised to discover that your crazy genius helped you get past a part in a level you were stuck on. Don't rely on the Pig Mechanic to bail you out every time. Unlock those creative juices in your brain and put that engineering degree to good use! Or just drag and drop at random if you have no engineering degree, either way works.

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    There Are No Birds!

    "Yahoo!" "Weehee!" Who wants to hear that all day long? It's about time we got to play as the huggable, misunderstood piggies. The birds were getting on our nerves anyway, what with their flying and crashing and overall disregard for public safety. At least the pigs are only injuring themselves! You birds can take a break, we want to spend some time with our new big snouted best friends.