Play Arts Kai, the toy making division of Square Enix, makes amazingly detailed action figures based on video game, comic, anime and movie characters. They also provide those figures with excellent accessories, but with the 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' Cloud Strife figure, they’ve gone over the top; this thing has so many swords, you guys.

Play Arts’ director, Hidemi Matsuzuka, tweeted a pair of images of the swords that will come with the Cloud figure. While no clear shot of the front of the actual figure is shown, we get a great look at the seven, count them, seven weapons that Cloud will be able to equip. The blades represent the six components of the Fusion Sword, the massive blade that Cloud assembles in 'Advent Children', as well as the Fusion Sword itself, on the far left. The inclusion of the Fusion Sword as a separate piece indicates that the individual main blade, hollow blade, side blades and back blades will not be able to combine.

We’re still waiting on a solid pic of the figure itself, but if the team is putting this much attention into the weapons, we’re very hopeful about the final results. The 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' Cloud figure by Play Arts Kai should be available sometime next year, but no release or pre-order date has yet been announced.

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