The Neverhood was an amazing point and click adventure game that came out in the early days of PC full motion video. The game had an interesting graphical style completely done through Claymation. Clicking on interactable objects would cause short full-motion videos to play, which then showed the Claymation characters moving and the environment changing. The story had a dark and humorous twist and the game, while never reaching block buster status, quickly became a cult-classic that was appreciated by adventure game fans everywhere.

Now, it looks as if The Neverhood might be getting a sequel, or at least a spiritual sequel. Creator Doug TenNapel has said that he is working on a brand new adventure game and yes, the game will be fully done in Claymation. He has announced that he is joining forces with Mike Diets and Ed Schofield on The Neverhood’s facebook page. Many of you may remember Diets and Schofield as big names that played a part in the creation of Earthworm Jim. They also worked with TenNapel on The Neverhood in the past. Terry Taylor, the composer for The Neverhood, is also coming back to create a whole new score.

As of now, the game is still in its planning stages. TenNapel had few details to give about the project, however he is asking Neverhood fans to provide feedback via his Facebook in order to guide the creation of this new project. The currently untitled game is planned for release on both PCs and Macs, though an official release window was not given.