Meet the Adventurer, the Knight, the Time Traveler, and the Twins in the latest trailer for Double Fine's The Cave.

VG247 has shared a new video from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine, in which the sentient, talking titular cave introduces us to a few more of the characters we'll be able to play in the platforming puzzler.

First up is the Adventurer, who whips around, looking for her lost friends and a juicy treasure. Then there's the Knight, a stalwart fellow in search of an almighty sword of legend. Next, we meet the Time Traveler, who has come from the future to, "right a wrong a million years in the making," and hovers around with a jetpack. And finally, we see the Twins, a pair of trouble-making kids who just want to have some fun, though seeing them use rat poison on their mothers makes us question what kind of fun they want.

Check out the trailer below and acquaint yourselves with some of the characters you'll be controlling once the game drops next month!