Think paying subscription fees for multiplayer online role-playing games is for the birds? Then join TERA: Rising, the new, improved, and (most importantly), free version of TERA!

It was announced about an hour ago on the game's Facebook page that Rising's up and running, so feel free to storm the website and start making your accounts. But it should be noted that a lot of players have been responding to the post and claiming that they're unable to get past the authentication portion of the log-in process. Other players may have more luck.

What's cool is that the free version of the game won't horribly gimp the experience for players, meaning that both newcomers and veterans will enjoy all of the same great content. But if you do want to enjoy a few perks, you could always sign up as an Elite member for $14.99 per month. These members get a few boosts that don't seem very game-breaking, but are enough to warrant the costs.

You can see all of the differences between the paid and free tiers here. Check out the launch trailer below and let us know if you're going to sign up to play for free!