Welcome to the age of the free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game! What game is the latest title to adopt the F2P model? En Masse's TERA!

It was just announced today that TERA will be shifting from its current subscription model and will become free in February. En Masse has put up an announcement trailer detailing some of the changes that are coming down the line and what it means for both newcomers and veterans. They're assuring players that the F2P TERA: Rising won't be a watered-down version of the game and that newcomers will be able to experience TERA in its entirety.

But current subscribers needn't worry since their accounts will automatically be converted to elite accounts once the change takes place, and whatever time they had paid for will be rounded up to the nearest 30-day mark. The example that they give is if a player has 24 days of paid game time left when the F2P conversion takes place, they'll be credited with 6 extra days to round it up to 30 days of game time. If they decide not to keep paying $14.99 a month for their elite status, they'll be marked as founders when they play the game for free.

Here is a breakdown of the account tiers, from the TERA: Rising site:

Account Tiers Elite Status Standard Founder
Cost 30 days, $14.99 Free Free
Character Slots 2 per server
(May purchase more)
2 per server
(May purchase more)
8 per server
Character Race and Class
No limitations
Access to all Zones and Dungeons
No limitations
In Game Title None None "Founder" title
Dungeon Entries
  • Cooldown 1/2 (between enteries)
  • Double Daily Entries
Default Default
Bonus Dungeon Rewards 2 Valkyon's Response 1 Valkyon's Response 1 Valkyon's Response
Daily Bonus Quests
20 Per Day 10 Per Day 10 Per Day
None None
Daily Items and Bonuses XP, Gold and Reputation boosts** None None
Special Mount Elite Mount (TBD) None Exclusive Terminus Mount***
Bank Inventory slot 72 Slots (May purchase more) 72 Slots (May purchase more) 288 Slots (Max)
Send Gold via Parcel Unlimited 10 Gold cap per message Unlimited
Brokerage Postings (Simultaneous) 50 10 30
Brokerage Register Tax 0% 5% 5%
Brokerage Sales Tax 10% 15% 15%
Store Discount on Selected items Yes
(Specifics TBD)
No No
Notes *Consumables will be delivered through the item claim and the elite status hotbar.**4 Boosts of each type given out per day. XP boost only applies to monster kills. Gold Boosts applies to quest and monster gold. Each boost is a 100% increase.***Terminus Mount is permanent and you may redeem it from the item claim and train it on all characters on your founder account.

Check out the announcement video below and take a look at all of the information on the site, then let us know if you're going to take the plunge into this F2P MMORPG!