Angry Birds are everywhere. We haven't seen a video game inspired pop culture invasion like this since the days of Pac-Man and Mario. Shoot, we're surprised there isn't a song out (there is). While the stores are flooded with T-shirts and dopey merchandise that anyone with a few bucks can wear, a personalized cake is one way to show the world how much you love these little guys. Let's take a gander at 20 of the most delicious looking Angry Birds inspired tweets treats.

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    The Stand-Off Cake

    We don't think you'll see this on the menu at Marie Callender's. The birds and pigs are about to square off in an old-fashioned western style showdown. Only this showdown is going to end with their faces being bitten off by depressed 50-year-old women who get together once a week to play board games and make obnoxious desserts. Wait until you take a bite of Marge's Walking Dead jello!

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    Happy Birthday Janine!

    Janine, look what we made for you! An Angry Birds cake for your 16th birthday! This will go great with those Angry Birds beverages we purchased! We know, we know, you're a bit shocked, especially since you've said numerous times how much you hate video games. But everyone loves cute birds! Honey, why are you crying?

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    Office Party Surprise

    I can't believe I stayed up all night making that beautiful looking Angry Birds cake for our summer office party. Oh, I know the girls are just gonna love it and the guys are always talking about how much they play the game! Well, it's 3:00! Time to take it out of the fridge and ... I left it outside in the car didn't I ...

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    Angry Nerds

    Dear diary, today is the first day of high school. I'm new in the area and don't know anyone. I figured the easiest way to make a good first impression for my home economics class would be to present them with this semi-sweetened dark chocolate Angry Birds cake, with hints of white cream, stem ginger and glace pineapple in a Gluten free mix. This won't be like last year, diary! This year I'm going to make tons of friends and actually eat lunch with other people!

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    Storm the Castle

    "Who goes there?" "'Tis I, Sir Gamealot from the Controllium clan! And I've come bearing this gift of an Angry Birds cake for your majesty! Let our two kingdoms finally settle their feud by sharing in this delightful treat that celebrates the power of forces coming together to rid the world of evil pigs! Took me two fortnights to create this raspberry creme filled masterpiece! Let me in, my good man!" "Archers, shoot him. But make sure you don't hit the cake."

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    Prison Pops

    Hey yo Rocco, so I gots all this time ta kill, right? And the warden, he ain't gonna let me play my Angry Boids no more because I got in a fight with Tony Baloney about which boid was da best one. So I decides ta go to da kitchen and make me and da boys some Angry Boids pops. Now I'm runnin' all of cell block 'B.' Hey, 'B' is for boids, get it? GET IT? Now hurry up and mix dat batter, I owe the Piscano boys over in 'C' block a buncha deez things by 4:00.

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    Three-Bird Monte

    Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to find the correct Angry Bird dessert with the explosive cupcake underneath it. Your only clues are: it's not the red one, the yellow doesn't have it, and the blue bird has never seen it. If you can't figure out in 10 minutes which of these tasty birds is hiding the deadly cupcake, then you're going to have to explain to my wife how her kitchen got covered in frosting and why you're in my house cleaning it up. Failure is not an option, but ice cream is.

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    En Colère Bird Gâteau

    My darling, my love. I only wish I could express to you how much you mean to me in words. Since I can't because I'm a buffoon, I'm instead going to show you how much I love you -- by giving you these Angry Birds marshmallow treats. Please, my dear, I know you're speechless. It only took me the better part of 43 hours to create this magnificent dessert for you. Think of me as you eat each and every one of these. I know this is only our second date but ... wait, there's no need to leave! I know you're overwhelmed with emotion but why are you running to your car? Honey! Sweetheart! I ... I ... I love you...

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    Ugly Bird Bakery

    Ah, there ya go Mrs. Dimber! The finest Angry Birds cake my small little shop has ever made! Now, now, I know it's not what you ordered. But I put some nice lime shavings on top, with sugar-free banana custard filling underneath the white chocolate coconut vegan frosting. I even made the little bomb bird out of black licorice. And those are actual rocks on top that I got from my Koi pond! Oh, your boy is in for a treat Mrs. Dimber, a treat indeed!

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    Bird vs. Pig

    Your honor, my client simple wants what's coming to her in this divorce. And that's the entire Angry Birds cake collection they ordered a year ago from Italy. Now he wants the dogs, the house and the kids from my client. And that's fine. But my client isn't going to budge unless he gives these imported Italian delights as trade for his children. I understand he purchased these in his name with his own separate bank account. Well, if he's not going to budge, your honor, then we're going to be here for quite a while!


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