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    Angry Green Surprise

    Everyone loves cupcakes. Especially if they're green and staring at you. These cute little morsels of diabetic deliciousness are the perfect size to slingshot across the room into the birthday boy's mouth. Just make sure you've already scheduled his dentist appointment the following day.

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    Home Grossenomics

    "Mom! Look what I made in Home Economics class! Sure, the other kids teased me relentlessly for its basic presentation and drab colors, and the teacher threw at least 24 Bad Piggies at my head until I got them right, but I did it Mom! I made it just for you! Mom ... are you ever going to wake up from your coma?"

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    Lime Disease

    Just what every kid wants! The grossest looking color you could possible imagine on a cake! This hybrid Angry Birds/Bad Piggies pastry is clean looking and actually well presented. If you cut the head off of the red bird, is it filled with jelly beans? Someone please cut the head off the red bird. We must know!

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    Angry Explosion

    So is this the dumbest birthday party ever? Not only are the table treats a disaster (pretzel sticks?), but there looks to be A GIANT FIREWORK ON TOP OF THE CAKE. Great. Now little Johnny can blow his face off as he's blowing out the candles. Good job, parents. Maybe they can put out the fire with that glass of whiskey dad has been holding in his hand since 6:00 am.

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    Play-Doh Cake

    Is it just us, or does this cake look like it was made out of Play-Doh instead of sugar and flour? The cake looks nice, and it's very vibrant and colorful. But if this is something Suzy made in her Play-Doh Meal Makin' Kitchen then we'll pass, thank you very much.

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    Basic Birds

    Huh. This is actually a nice, well presented, pleasant looking cake. It has a nice shape, the birds look really good, and the person who made it did a nice job with the colors. We can't find anything wrong with it. Except it's kind of small and we would devour it in two seconds flat. Make a bigger cake for us fat asses, you Angry-Bird-on-a-budget baker.

  • 4

    Bad Piggies Bomb

    This is set up like we're supposed to curb stomp this cake into oblivion with our mouths. We do like the use of a TNT box and those crates as props. If you've ever wanted to have your cupcake and fling it too, then these messy looking treats are just for you. Hey, we accidentally rhymed!

  • 3

    Brooks Was Here

    Jasmine is being presented with a sky blue Angry Birds delight. This nutty dessert is covered in flowers, birds, Bad Piggies, edible letters and enough wire to hang yourself with when you realize this is the wedding cake your husband ordered.

  • 2

    Bird Bonanza

    Alex, you must be one awesome kid to have this crazy looking landscape of a cake as your birthday gift. It's got all the bases covered -- birds, piggies, a slingshot, eggs, a nest and different levels. It even has the number 11 so everyone can remember the age Alex was when he died from food poisoning.

  • 1

    Holy Crap Cakes

    This is the wildest looking Angry Birds cake we've ever seen. There's baking a cake with birds on it, and then there's baking what looks like an actual Angry Birds level from the game. We wish we could make fun of it, but they put in so much effort that even our bad jokes couldn't ruin something this fantastic looking. Good job, you obsessive compulsive baker! So far your towering treat is #1 on our list of 20 Tasty Angry Birds Cakes.


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