With Star Wars being a huge crossover success for the Angry Birds franchise, we here at Arcade Sushi wondered, "What other franchises would make good Angry Birds apps?" Pooling together our collective brain power, we came up with five popular properties we think would make for awesome Angry Birds games.

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    Angry Birds Godfather

    What's angrier than a bunch of birds who had their eggs stolen? A bunch of mafia connected Angry Birds who had their eggs stolen. Those Bad Piggies will think twice about crossin' tha boss again when the Angry Birds mafioso slingshots their way into the Piggies' hideout, laying waste to everyone inside. We'd love to see levels that take place at a wedding, toll booth, garden, fruit stand, small Italian town, Las Vegas, a lake and of course, the office of the Angry Birds godfather. And you can't forget the memorable music. Just no levels from the third movie, ok?

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    Angry Birds Batman

    Gotham has been overrun with villains, and only the Angry Birds can stop them! Launch your way into a rogue's gallery of villains like The Jacana Joker, Pelican Ivy, The Penguin (why change it, right?), Bird Brain Bane and more. Play as Robin, Angry Batman, Canarywoman, Commissioner Goose and more. Take down each level with an assortment of Angry Birds Batman utilities. There's only one way to clean up Gotham City -- the Angry Birds way.

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    Angry Birds Lord of the Rings

    One egg to rule them all. The Bad Piggies have gotten their hands on the most powerful egg in Middle Aviary and it's up to the Angry Birds to get it back! Play as Dodo Birdggins, Swinewise Gnatcatcher, Ganclaw the Grey and more as you travel from land to land, taking down the fortresses built by the all-seeing Eye of Seagull.

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    Angry Birds Avengers

    Let's be honest -- who wouldn't want to see an Angry Birds Avengers game? Each of the lovable Angry Birds would be transformed to look like our favorite superheroes. Slingshot the mythical Angry Bird Thor, with his lightning strike, or launch a shield throwing Angry Bird Captain America? Or a building crushing Angry Birds Hulk? The Angry Birds Avengers would be on a mission to take down Marvel's most famous enemies, all made to look like Bad Piggies. It's a win/win game for everyone involved. (We want credit and 10% for the idea.)

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    Angry Birds Star Trek

    We've already got Angry Birds Star Wars, so the next logical franchise mash-up is Angry Birds Star Trek. Imagine playing as Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, only they look like Angry Birds. Future updates could include the Next Generation cast, plots from the movies and more. Wouldn't you love to take down a Bad Piggies version of Khan? It's as much of a gold mine as the Star Wars franchise. Beam us up, Rovio! Our phasers aren't set to 'stun', they're set to 'spend'.


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