Everyone loves Angry Birds. From kids to adults, almost anyone with an interest in gaming or games has tried it. There really isn't a bad Angry Birds game, so don't be offended if your favorite isn't #1. It's like trying to rank Sour Patch Kids flavors. They're all good. Any time spent launching birds at pigs (or monkeys) is time well spent, some spent a tiny bit better than others. So let's rank the Angry Birds games -- from best to worst.

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    Angry Birds Go!


    We don't know much about Angry Birds Go! We do know it'll be a kart racing game and that's about it. So we can't really rank it any higher than this until it comes out the holiday season of 2013. Once it does, we'll re-examine its place on our Angry Birds - Best to (Not Really) Worst list.

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    Angry Birds Seasons

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd

    I probably shouldn't rank Angry Birds Seasons the lowest just because it's the hardest. That challenge is kind of what the game is all about. But the frustration factor counterbalances some of the most elaborate structures in the franchise's history. Props to Rovio for incorporating weather and shapes into certain season levels. They also introduced a brand new bubble-blowing pink bird to check out!

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    Bad Piggies


    This Angry Birds spin-off was a unique take on the popular franchise. Instead of flinging birds at pigs, you played as the porkers, constructing various vehicles as you tried to clear each level. It's fun, but the challenge was too big for some, and the change in format had some Angry Birds fans crying foul.

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    Angry Birds

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd

    By now the basic Angry Birds game may seem a little quaint. We've all probably three starred even the most difficult levels (though they do keep taking care of us with new content). Still, this is the game that introduced the basic physics and the basic birds, so it will always have a place in our iPads.

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    Angry Birds Friends


    The popular facebook version of Angry Birds made the leap from Facebook to iOS devices and hasn't looked back. With new tournaments every week against your Facebook friends, this Angry Birds game is always fresh with new content and challenges.

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    Angry Birds Space

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd

    Jumping into the final frontier really was a quantum leap forward for Angry Birds. Space allowed them to add elements to the physics while keeping the basic rules and reinvigorating the game. A few new birds are adapted to this new format and some of the levels just go crazy!

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    Angry Birds Star Wars


    Angry Birds Star Wars seemed like a great idea, but the big question mark was if it could be executed well, while managing to not stain either property. Lucky for them (and us), they made the second best Angry Birds game to date. Lots of fun Star Wars characters, great artwork, challenging levels and lots of future content will have Jedi young and old playing this installment for years to come.

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    Angry Birds Rio


    Angry Birds Rio is one of the best Angry Birds games. The new birds they added to the game combined with the elaborate, colorful levels make it the ultimate Angry Birds experience. We still haven't seen the movie Rio. It's this awesome, right?

    Angry Birds Rio
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    Angry Birds Star Wars II


    Rovio took everyone fans loved about Angry Birds Star Wars and added on to it. New levels, new worlds, new characters, and the ability to play on the Dark Side. Sorry, we mean the Pork Side. ABSW is one of the best uses of the Star Wars IP and we can't wait to see what the third has in store for us. Angry Birds Star Wars II lightsabers its way to the #1 spot on our Angry Birds - Best to (Not Really) Worst list.