Tanglers Blitz is a free-to-play app that is filled with colorful aliens that need to be collected by the touch of your fingers. It's a supremely easy game to master, and within seconds you'll understand the game's entire universe. Predictability can work its magic with certain titles, and with Tanglers Blitz a little bit can really go a long way.

The premise has players attempting all the tanglers who have escaped your ship. Since you have crash landed on an alien planet, your job is to match as many tanglers as possible before your time runs out. The score is based on how many tanglers you successfully pair up with the touch and tap of your fingers. Although all it takes is a good eye and quick trigger finger to up your overall score, certain tanglers can block your path to linking an entire string of tanglers, which leads to a lower score.

When a collection of same colored tanglers can be gathered with just the quick tap of your device, a line will appear on your screen that shows you which of these critters to tap. To play each game, you will use up one of the five cartridges that your ship is supplied. Once you're out of cartridges, you can either purchase a bundle or just drop your device for forty minutes (each cartridge takes eight minutes to refresh). Another way of beating the premium system is to achieve as high a score as possible within each game. Higher scores leads to the requisite level ups, and every level you advance grants you one cartridge.


Great visuals or innovative game play will never be confused with Tanglers Blitz. The app's fun factor hinges on a race against the clock mechanic. You don't have any time to soak in the graphics for this title since you'll be too busy touching and tapping these aliens. Since you have just sixty seconds for each puzzle, much of your concentration will focus on how fast you can make tanglers disappear. When you have just ten seconds to spare, a horn will sound to signal the stage's final moments.


Since it exists within the freemium universe, Tanglers Blitz will also have the occasional pop-up ad appear. While this is a nuisance, the app doesn't, for lack of a better word, "blitz" you with a ton of advertisements. It is still a nuisance, and if this wasn't a reasonably fun game to play this app would have been deleted within ten minutes.

Even though I do get an initial rush from playing Tanglers Blitz, that feeling stems from my self-induced pressure to generate a higher score every time I play. Once I got deeper into the game, its lack of variety or creative ingenuity proved all too glaring. In short, the first few minutes may have peaked my interest, but the monotonous gameplay eventually took its toll.


Tanglers Blitz is an innocuous and mildly entertaining app that, in the end, is also easily forgettable. It's a worthy enough download since it's free, but don't once the ads stop popping up on your device, you may want to leave these aliens behind and let someone else do all the work.

This review is based on a downloaded copy of Tangler's Blitz for iOS.

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