Street Fighter 4

Cosplay Clash! Sakura vs. Sakura
Yuna managed to keep her streak alive and defeated Aeris, making her the newest inductee to the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame. So now let's welcome two new combatants with the same name: Sakura from Street Fighter and Sakura from Naruto. Both their names mean "cherry blossom&qu…
Crimson Cosplay
The Cosplay of the Day is a Street Fighter whose hair seems to defy gravity and sense of style appears out of place in a fight, but she's proven herself to be pretty adept at keeping that coif looking perfect and her outfit clean. Let's take a look at Crimson Viper!
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. One is a franchise known for rural brawls and fireballs, and the other is an American IP known for flying spears and "Get-Over-Heres." Both are huge franchises, spanning many spin-offs and re-imaginings, but when you compare them in a head-to-head …

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