The infamous live streaming website partners up with the true king of fighters in order to create the first ever fighting game league completely devoted to Street Fighter.

Capcom has officially announced it is collaborating with Twitch in order to kick off the Capcom Pro Tour. The Capcom Pro Tour will be comprised of ranked tournaments, premier events and online tournaments in order to create an ongoing, year-round league. The Pro Tour's first run will end with the Capcom Cup grand finals at the end of the year. 

The Capcom Pro Tour will focus on the Street Fighter 4 series, eventually making the official jump to Ultra Street Fighter 4 when it debuts this June. The Capcom Cup grand finals will only have 16 spots available, with premier event winners and a point system determining its invited players.

The current listing of scheduled premier events and ranked tournaments can be seen as the Capcom Pro Tour website, with live broadcasts being done by Steam on the day of each event.