Ken Masters has been beating up cars with his bare hands since 1991, but his next iron hide victim is a little bit different.

YouTuber pipocaVFX made this excellent video of Ken from Street Fighter IV beating up on a huge truck. While stomping on a car has been commonplace for Capcom's fighting game series since Street Fighter II, this video shows the bonus stage from a first-person perspective. It's awesome watching Ken beat up this massive truck from his own point of view, especially when he throws a Hadouken at it. Only this time, the truck didn't take kindly to Ken's senseless violence and vandalism.

We have also thrown in another video from pipocaVFX that was released earlier this summer. This video features Link fighting the Master Hand from Super Smash Bros., also done in a first-person perspective. The video ends with the original story of the N64 version of Smash Bros. where the game's fights were happening due to a child (a weird looking one in this video) playing with action figures of his favorite Nintendo characters.

Kicking a car with your bare feet is ridiculous, but we still love it: