Are you ready to get your fish on? Super Black Bass 3D is coming to the 3DS, bringing the legendary fishing series to a new generation and giving old fans a new way to play

The series is set to make a splash on the Nintendo 3DS soon and will bait players by offering new features and gameplay modes exclusive to the system.

Super Black Bass 3D's "Real Rod System" will use the 3DS motion sensor and gyroscope to cast lures in order to hook over 30 different types of fish. Players will be able to change seasons, weather, and time of day in order to personalize their fishing experiences.

The graphics shown below might not seem like the most high-resolution nor the most attractive, but gameplay is usually the star in this series, and Super Black Bass 3D should bring in a good haul. With the addition of leaderboards, players everywhere can fight to be the kings or queen of catching bass!