The 108 Stars of Destiny from Suikoden II have returned in this PS One Classic for the PSN.

One of the greatest role-playing games of yesteryear, Suikoden II, is coming to the PSN for PS3 and PS Vita. Originally released in the States over 15 years ago, this PS One title is selling for very high amounts in physical form ($130+ on eBay). This past Spring, we mentioned that Suikoden II could be making a return on the PSN due to it getting an ESRB rating. Now, it looks like we were right.

Continuing the stories set in place by the first Suikoden, this game tells the story of Riou and his best friend, Jowy, being swept into war and politics as Prince Luca Blight ravages their homeland. There's turn-based combat, massive war battles and your own base to develop in this epic RPG.

Be ready to recruit all 108 Stars when Suikoden II launches on Dec. 9 for the PlayStation Network.

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