One of the very best Japanese role-playing games of the PlayStation era is finally headed to the PlayStation Network.

According to Kotaku, the ESRB has rated Suikoden 2 for PlayStation 3 release, rating it T for Teen. Its content description includes tags for "mild violence" and "suggestive themes." Suikoden 2 features the story of two best friends who are separated by war, destiny and the power of runes that are scattered around the world.

As the protagonist, you must seek out the 108 Stars of Destiny in order to build an army great enough to defend against a neighboring nation hell-bent on invading all other lands. That's right, folks, you can recruit 107 total party members (you count as the 108th Star of Destiny), though you'll only be able to have 6 in your group at a time. Explore various towns, dungeons and nations as you grow your kingdom and engage in tactical warfare against the enemy.

There's no word on when the 1999 classic JRPG will be made available on the PlayStation Network, but we'll update you when that information is released.