October is just around the corner and that means kids everywhere will be stuffing their faces with the most obnoxious candy they can get their hands on. It also means a sweet new game will be hitting the App Store.

Bulky Pix and A Crowd of Monsters will be releasing the sweet title Sugar Kid to the App Store on October 4th.

Sugar Kid has taken over the throne from the evil Mr. Lemon. But Mr. Lemon plans on getting his revenge, by locking Sugar Kid into a water machine, so he'll break apart and disappear into nothingness. What a cruel plot for such a sweet sounding game.

Here are some of the game's features:

- Over 90 funny levels and as much ways to protect Sugar Kid from breaking apart or melting.

- 3 different in game modes : Levels, Survival and Deadly Missions.

- Cartoonish and sweet graphics so that you feel even more guilty when you lose!

- Cruely humoristic game.

- Lots of epic funny costumes. Sugar Kid is one of its kind in the sugar box!

- Bloody content (Optional).

I'm still trying to figure out if the bloody content part is a joke or not. Maybe this teaser trailer will provide us with some clues.