Time to get funky, baby! Action-platformer Funk of Titans takes the classic mythical Greek hero Perseus and retells his story with an upbeat blaxploitation twist reminiscent of 'Black Dynamite' or 'Pootie Tang'.

According to developer A Crowd of Monsters (creator of the mobile game Sugar Kid), Funk of Titans tasks Perseus with helping Zeus defeat the Music Titans by traversing forty levels spread out over three worlds, each one themed around different types of music. There's a Rock music world, a Rap music world, and a place that will probably be cloyingly annoying: Pop music world.

Well, Funk of Titans' heart certainly is in the right place. The animation and gameplay in the footage looks a bit stiff, the platforming looks like platforming we've done a thousand times, and Perseus himself doesn't seem to do much other than hop, bop, and run to the right. Maybe Funk of Titans' funky theme and oddball sense of humor will help it stand out a bit more. Any game which uses the phrase "jive turkeys" has netted itself a few bonus points in our book.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first game to put a mythological pantheon in the realm of blaxploitation, as roguelike Soul Fjord did it earlier this year with the Norse pantheon. It's an interesting idea, for sure, but one we hope is a bit more successful this time around. Funk of Titans arrives on Xbox One on Jan. 9, 2015.