Darth Revan returns! The protagonist of Knights of the Old Republic has arrived to Star Wars: The Old Republic in a big way— this time around, players won't be controlling Revan, they'll be doing battle against the exile as part of the Shadow of Revan expansion pack.

Basically, Revan is pissed, and he (pretty sure Revan was a she, but whatever), has gathered an army to take down the Empire, the Republic, even the freakin' Ewoks. No one is safe from Revan's wrath. Fortunately, to get ready to battle this famous character, players will be able to visit new planets, learn new skills and enjoy a level cap boosted from 55 to 60 all as part of the expansion pack. There don't seem to be any other major additions to the game, however, so players expecting new tradeskills or game systems might be disappointed to see a (comparatively), small addition to the MMORPG.

The Shadow of Revan launches December 9, and players who preorder now get a bundle of digital treats to go along with their order which includes early access to the content, a class xp boost, a statue of Revan to pretty up their digital home with, and access to the first digital expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel.