If you like Clash of Clans, but wish it had more Star Wars in it, then you're in luck with Star Wars: Commander. Today, the base-builder is getting new Secret Alliance content.

Just today, Lucasfilm Ltd. updated its mobile tower defense strategy game, Star Wars: Commander with even more Star Wars themed goodness. This update is titled 'Secret Alliances' and will include a new campaign with some pretty awesome rewards. The rewards include one universal Hero and two starship strikes each for the Rebels and the Empire. There are also two new features the game is boasting -- contraband, a new currency and three new traps to make your base extra safe.

To get a little more into what the rewards are, we'll start off by talking about the universal reward -- the Johhar Kessen Hero Unit. Kessen does an incredible amount of damage to soft targets, but has trouble with static defenses. For the Rebels there's the A-Wing Starship Strike which is used to support ground forces with an advanced targeting system and concentrated firepower. The Rebels also have the HWK-290 Starship Strike, which will be most effective against infantry as its sole purpose is to drop bombs. To turn the tables, for the Empire side there is TIE Advanced Starship Strike which is, "equipped with a higly sophisticated target tracking system" as well as the VT-49 Decimator Starship Strike, which is to be used as a raiding vessel and drops firebombs.

You can check out this new update today on Star Wars: Commander on iOS and Android.

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