Pay attention, true believers! Stan Lee's Verticus is debuting on the App Store on November 15th and is set to bring us some death-defying superhero action. Dive in to see what the legendary comic book creator has in store for us.

The earth is besieged by evil aliens called The Obliterators and it's up to one hero with a super suit to save it. How is this brave soul going to accomplish this? By diving straight into the center of earth, of course. Verticus puts players into a free-fall towards the core of the planet, all while dodging obstacles, shooting missiles at enemies, and collecting coins and materials for upgrades. It's also pretty awesome that the hero's main weapon is gravity.

It's cool that the titular hero looks like the unholy marriage between Dead Space's Isaac and Felix Baumgartner. Here's to hoping that this Endless Falling gaming lives up to the Stan Lee name. And that there's an unlockable Red Bull Stratos Jump suit! Check out the screens and trailer below. Let us know what you think about this sky-diving adventure in the comments section. And as Stan Lee would say it, "Excelsior!"