The space-travelling, reality-bending and combo-filled antics of Star Ocean could finally be making a return as Square Enix released a rather cryptic and awesome teaser image.

Destructoid reports that closely following the disaster that was the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided leak, Square Enix has come out with yet another game to tease. This time, the teaser comes in the form of a picture of Earth that simply says "Star 2015 01". Of course, fans have already delved deeper into the image's page to see if there is any more information to be gleaned from it and there is... sorta. While it's not a lot to go on, the source code of the page does say "NEXT 2015.04.14," which suggests we'll be hearing more about this mystery project this week.

As far as what it could possibly be about, many people are surmising that it could be a new Star Ocean game. All we know for right now is that the Twitter tag #sqex_secret is absolutely blowing up with different people trying to figure out the mystery behind the teaser. We're just hoping that Star Ocean's signature, action-oriented combat system will return. At the same time, Xenoblade Chronicles X is already satiating our needs of a new science fiction-oriented action-RPG. Here's to hoping that Star Ocean 5, or whatever this strange project might be, will be just as impressive.

We will all just have to wait until April 14 to (hopefully) happen upon a new clue. One thing's for sure: if there is another hint revealed, we will definitely be keeping you updated.