A new Square Enix tactical RPG has emerged for the iOS and Android formats, and while we feel like we've seen a few games like this before we're certainly interested in giving Heavenstrike Rivals a shot.

Called Heavenstrike Rivals, this new Square Enix game sports a familiar, strategy RPG look and contains hundreds of units to collect, level and assemble into a fearsome fighting team. Battles are waged in real time, and they can be fought via single-player against the AI or multiplayer against other human opponents.

Here's what Square Enix had to say about its new game:

Set in the now tattered aerial kingdom of Lunnain, Heavenstrike Rivals features a vicious group of nightmarish monsters known as the Fallen, who seek only the kingdom’s complete destruction. Following these ruthless attacks, the people of Lunnain have come together to repel the Fallen, strike back at the heavens and bring prosperity back to their kingdom.

This is yet another free mobile game from the house of Final Fantasy, but we think this shows that Square Enix has come a long way in the mobile forum. While the expected amount of microtransactions associated with free-to-play games are here, we're certainly out of that horrid, Final Fantasy All The Bravest territory. We're keeping a close eye on this one, as it may turn out to be one of those surprising mobile RPGs that everyone is suddenly obsessing over.

Heavenstrike Rivals is available now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store as a free download.