Square Enix is expanding its dominion over the the genre of role-playing games and onto the iOS and Android formats with Heavenstrike Rivals.

In just a few weeks, Square Enix will be releasing Heavenstrike Rivals for Android and iOS smartphones. Heavenstrike Rivals is a collaborative effort between the UK-based developers at Mediatonic Ltd. (known for their work on the Amateur Surgeon series) and the Japan-based team at Yumiru Corporation. Square Enix has released a video featuring Yumiru's Masanori Ichikawa and Mediatonic's Paul Croft that gives us an exclusive, behind the scenes look at Heavenstrike Rivals, which puts a major focus on mashing together the styles of Western and Eastern role-playing game development. Heavenstrike Rivals features character designs by Ryoma Ito (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) and a soundtrack by Ryo Yamazaki (Final Fantasy XIV).

The war-ravaged world of Heavenstrike Rivals is home to grid-based, tactical battles and a surprisingly engaging story. You are a member of the fallen aerial kingdom of Lunnain, and must take your revenge against the Fallen monsters who assaulted your country from the skies above. The game will feature 200 different units, an epic quest to save the Seven Sisters of Lunnain, multiplayer battles catering to mobile formats and all sorts of exciting features.

Heavenstrike Rivals will be hitting the iOS and Android formats later this month for free (with in-app, freemium content to buy). Here's to hoping that the teams at Yumiru and Mediatonic can live up to the expectations and provide an excellent, RPG-on-the-go experience.