SoundSelf, a video game which creates images based on sound your voice creates, has reached its Kickstarter goal of $29,060. A new stretch goal of $36,000 has been implemented, however, for a possible Burning Man exhibit.

The proposed exhibit, as reported by Polygon, will be a dome filled with projectors that feature SoundSelf's visuals on the dome's exterior. Whether or not the Burning Man stretch goal is reached, SoundSelf, which has amassed over $32,000 in pledges, has already achieved Kickstarter success.

SoundSelf creator Robin Arnott, the developer behind Deep Sea, understands that the images from the game looks like a visualizer, and he told Polygon that it's an aspect of the title that will be worked on, "a lot more."

Even though it's not a game that's goal or mission based, SoundSelf may captivate gamers who literally want their voice to be heard. "My gut was telling me there was something really beautiful we were doing, here, but I couldn't quite describe it," said Arnott. "A month ago, I just didn't know what it was; it was something I couldn't quite put into words yet. We didn't have the words even to describe it to ourselves. Now, after seeing people play it, after sitting with it for much longer and sharing it in more spaces, and experimenting with it, I have a much better understanding of what it is in a way I can explain to people in a way that they, in turn, can understand."

Games like Journey prove that giving people an outside the box experience can definitely pay off, at least creatively. We're not asking SoundSelf to reach the audio bliss of Pet Sounds or The Dark Side of the Moon. We just want a cool journey into sound, even if we're not going to Burning Man.