From the minds behind Quantum Conundrum comes Soul Fjord, a new rhythm-based dungeon crawler developed exclusively for the Ouya.

Behind the creative direction of Kim Swift (formerly of Valve and Portal fame), Airtight Games will be fusing 70s funk with Norse mythology to bring Soul Fjord to life. The rogue-like will feature randomly generated levels, a groovin' soul soundtrack, and judging by the developer diary, a pretty cool art style.

While no release dates have been mentioned just yet, an exclusive like this could certainly help the Ouya stand out a bit more from the other Android gaming devices arriving this year. Even if all the backers still haven't gotten their consoles (checks email.... nope, still not here), the Ouya has a lot of promise to redefine what can and could be accomplished with console gaming.

Check out the developer diary and brief teaser for Soul Fjord below, and let us know if you're interested in checking this out when it finally arrives on the Ouya.

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