If you could play an iOS puzzler designed by one of the people behind Portal, you would want to do such a thing, right? We thought so.

Lucky for you (and all of us), because that's just what's going down at Airtight Games - the studio led by Kim Swift, one of the level designers for Portal.

The studio has been hard at work on a game called PIXLD, an "addictive" and "deceptively simple" puzzler that will be the first mobile release for Airtight Games. As you can tell from the brief trailer below, the game appears to be a match 3 type of game. But in PIXLD, you have to race against the clock.

It's hard to say how good it will be based on the short trailer. Sight on seen, the game looks pretty basic. But with even a whisper of a Portal pedigree attached to this project has us very interested.

And the wait won't be long! PIXLD is set to drop on Oct. 29 into the App Store. It will be a Universal app and will set you back $1.99.

Check out the trailer below

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