Say hello to one of the first ladies of fighting games and someone who could kick our collective butts all the way to another dimension!

We're talking about Sonya Blade, of course. She's a law enforcement agent who enforces the law using her fists and feet. The character was quite infamous in the early 90's thanks to the flak that Mortal Kombat received for being ultra-violent, as well as the attractive qualities of her character model. In time, she became one of the icons of gaming and continues to kick ass to this day.

Here's Russian cosplayer Gabardin, dressed up in Sonya's outfit from 2011's Mortal Kombat. She's got pretty much every detail correct, even including that little badge that Sonya wears on her seemingly ill-fitting leather vest. And honestly, we respect anyone who can rock a suit like that while wearing high heels.

You can head on over to Gabardin's deviantART page to see all of her other outfits, a lot of which include big anime characters. View the pics below and let us know what you think of her!

Alexey Vasyuta/OverGreat
Alexey Vasyuta
Alexey Vasyuta